Do you like to sightsee at a leisurely pace? Or would you rather go fast, get amongst it and immerse yourself in energetic experiences that get your heart pumping and the endorphins flowing? If you’re the type who likes to take it to extremes, we’ve put together a hit list of action-packed adventures that showcase the best of Gold Coast’s great outdoors.


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If you’ve always dreamed of pulling off Mission Impossible-style stunts, then get to the chopper because here’s your chance – heli skydiving is here! Skydive Surfers Paradise has partnered with Sea World Helicopters to deliver this dare-devil offering. First, you rocket up 10,000ft above the Gold Coast in a jet engine helicopter before taking a tandem leap into thin air and plummeting earthwards at 200kph. After your parachute has deployed, you’ll drift down to a beach landing while enjoying what is very likely, the best possible views there are of our iconic seaside city and surrounds. Once your heart stops hammering, this part is pleasantly tranquil!


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Some people like to live on the edge and those people probably enjoy hanging off the side of high rises too. If you’re one of them, head to the Q1 Resort tower in Broadbeach to undertake Australia’s highest external building climb. After a safety briefing, you’ll start at the SkyPoint Observation Deck on level 77 and exit the building for an awe-inspiring, sky high adventure. Safely harnessed onto a handrail and led by an experienced climb leader, you’ll ascend exterior stairs towards the massive spire, stopping along the way to enjoy 360-degree views of the Gold Coast, from the golden beaches and city skyline, to lush green hinterland and beyond. Once you reach the summit of SkyPoint Climb, you’ll have the opportunity to lean out over the 270m drop – not for the faint-hearted! There’s something so liberating and exhilarating about being out in the elements so high up – even when your feet are back on the ground it will take you a while to come back down to earth. You can climb at sunrise, during the day, at twilight and after dark to admire the Gold Coast’s many different moods.


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At our fine dining restaurants you may be offered a choice of H2O, but when it comes to the Gold Coast’s pristine waterways there’s only one option – sparkling. For a unique aquatic adventure in our crystal-clear ocean, join Australian Kayaking Adventures for a half day tour to South Stradbroke Island – one of the Gold Coast’s hidden gems. The tour begins with a leisurely paddle across tranquil waters to a secluded island where you’ll be treated to a delicious beachside Continental breakfast. Then strap on a snorkel to swim with hundreds of tropical fish, before kayaking on to South Stradbroke Island for a bush walk to one of the world’s best surfing beaches. You’ll encounter all sorts of wildlife on your adventure including dolphins, turtles, rays, dugongs, wallabies and seabirds. There is no shortage of natural wonders around this special spot and kayaking is one of the best ways to experience them… with a seasoning of salt, sun and sand.


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If a leisurely paddle is too tame for your taste, jump aboard a considerably faster watercraft for a gung-ho Gold Coast adventure. Jetboat Extreme‘s 650 horse-power twin jet-power turbo engines deliver a hair-raising ride at speeds up to 80kph. White-knuckle your way through 360-degree spins, water slides, sweeping fish tails and wild wave riding. It’s 55 minutes of non-stop fun as you whip around Gold Coast’s waterways hooting, hollering and squealing as the spray hits you. The exhilarating experience is made even more memorable by wise-cracking captains who throw in a few jokes, fun facts and local knowledge along the way. Hot tip: bring a towel or a change of clothes as you’re guaranteed to get wet!


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Have you heard about the Japanese practice of forest-bathing? It focuses on the health benefits that come from spending time among the trees. While you’re supposed to sit quietly to improve wellbeing in this mindfulness exercise, we’re pretty sure you can get the same effect by taking on the Tree Top Challenge in the Gold Coast’s Tamborine Mountain. This Gold Coast adventure takes place in Australia’s largest treetop adventure park, traversing nine acres of subtropical rainforest. Enjoy a birds-eye view as you soar 70m above the jungle canopy on the Canyon Flyer or tackle the high ropes course with four different levels of difficulty. Just pray your palms don’t get sweaty! It’s suitable for all levels of fitness and experience, and the perfect activity to do with kids. Tarzan eat your heart out!

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