Where To Scuba Dive & Snorkel On The Gold Coast

The Gold Coast is world-famous for its waves, but you might be surprised to discover there’s just as much going on beneath the surface of our sparkling, blue ocean as there is on the surface. Scuba divers are spoilt for choice with several islands just offshore as well as natural reefs teeming with sea life and numerous shipwrecks ripe for exploring. Plus, the Gold Coast is about to gain a world-class underwater attraction in the brand-new Wonder Reef.

So don your mask and flippers, check your tanks and backroll into some stunning underwater adventures. Here’s all you need to know about scuba diving on the Gold Coast including dive sites, operators and what you can expect from Wonder Reef.


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One of the Gold Coast’s most loved dive sites, the Southport Seaway can be found at the end of Seaworld Drive in Main Beach. As the name suggests, the channel connects the Broadwater to the ocean, so there’s an incredibly diverse range of sea life to discover and you can dive here year round. As it’s an estuary entrance, the best time to dive is at the top of high tide when the current slows, and the water is clearest. There are several unique spots to explore.

  1. The South Wall dive spot is the most popular and there you’ll find species like seahorses, Lionfish, Giant Groper, Eagle and Bull Rays and Scorpionfish to name a few.
  2. The South West Wall is perfect if you’re a beginner. There’s less current flow here and an easy sandy beach entry point, so it’s an ideal location for new divers.  The shallow decline and will allow you to spy on the likes of seahorses and anemones.
  3. The North Wall offers most pelagic (open sea) fish activity and the cleaning stations host huge Bull Rays and Eagle Rays plus Barracuda, Mangrove Jack and Mulloway. You might spot Whaler Sharks too, if you’re lucky. Sea conditions very much dictate any diving here, but when it is calm there’s a hive of sea life activity on the walls towards the entrance.


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Not too far from the Southport Seaway is Wave Break Island. Perfect for everyone from beginners to seasoned divers (and snorkellers if you’re keen to cruise along the surface) Wave Break Island is where you’ll find scores of stunning colourful fish, coral, Wobbegongs and Grey Nurse Sharks.


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In 1887, The Scottish Prince ran aground 800 metres off the coast of Southport. Today, the submerged hull is home to soft coral and sponges, Shovelnose Rays, Crayfish, Leopard and Wobbegong sharks and tropical fish like the elusive Scorpionfish. It’s a stunning spot to spend some time exploring the wonders of the ocean.


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There’s so much to explore offshore at Palm Beach Reef dive site, for both Gold Coast scuba divers and snorkellers alike. It’s a large reef with sections of rocky outcrops, and several large bommies with a variety of soft corals and sponges. You’ll find a huge array of colourful coral and reef fish darting around the reef plus delights like Parrotfish and beautiful Blue Wrasse. Not to mention the odd Bronze Whaler, Leopard Sharks and Stingrays too. The area varies in depth from five to 24 metres so there’s plenty to see.


Snorling at Kirra Reef

Kirra Reef is right at the southern end of the Gold Coast and consists of scattered rocky outcrops that are covered in kelp fronds. For over 100 metres you’ll swim over stunning soft coral, anemones and so many varieties of fish and macro marine life. Drift from rock to rock and investigate every nook and cranny, with morays hiding in the most unexpected places. Kirra Reef is protected on three sides by land which means it’s great for diving most of the year.


Right in front of the lifeguard tower at Narrowneck Beach, 100m from shore, you’ll find the artificial reef made from geotextile containers, originally created to protect the beach from erosion and provide a local break for surfers. Happily, the reef has become the perfect home for soft coral, ascidians (AKA sea squirts) and starfish, sea urchins and sea cucumbers. There’s also turtles, Bull Rays, Wobbegong Sharks, Nudibranchs, octopus and Nurse Sharks to name a few. Schools of bait fish constantly pass by as well as the occasional eagle ray.


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Most famous for turtles, Cook Island is a marine reserve is located about a ten-minute boat ride from Coolangatta. It’s not just about these incredible creatures though – there’s also beautiful beaches, an abundance of marine life and both tropical and sub-tropical species of rays, octopus, eels and fish.


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One of the most exciting additions to the Gold Coast scuba scene in recent years is the soon-to-be-complete world-class Wonder Reef – an artificial reef dive site designed to attract marine life.

2.5 kilometres off the Gold Coast at The Spit, the reef will be made up of nine steel structures, connected to the seabed at 30 metres depth. These huge structures were assembled onshore and lowered into the ocean. Marine experts will be brought in for coral planting (local species) to speed up marine growth and once everything is in place, a 32,000m2 marine habitat will be ready for scuba divers to explore.

Wonder Reef will be open to the public in early 2022 and is set to top the bucket list for scuba divers in Australia.


A Scuba Diving International Resort Facility run by Rick Anderson. A diving instructor with over 20+ years of experience, Rick’s deep knowledge and love of the underwater environment makes every dive an incredible experience. Rick’s Dive School offer snorkelling, spearfishing and a range of scuba diving activities catered to people of all abilities and needs. From one-on-one to small group training and ‘Try Dives’ for those looking to dip their toe in, you’ll definitely find what you need with Rick’s.
Where: 22 Mungala St, Hope Island


A PADI Dive Centre built around the foundation of ‘diving with purpose’, the team at Gold Coast Dive Adventures are passionate about sharing the beauty of the world underwater. For everyone from beginners to Dive Master, tours cover everywhere from Cook Island to the shipwrecks and plenty more. There’s also the option to learn to Freedive and a boutique whale watching tour too.
Where: Runaway Bay Marina, 247 Bayview St, Hollywell


Whether you want to try an intro scuba dive (no experience necessary), become a PADI Dive Master or simply snorkel around some of the Gold Coast’s best underwater areas, Queensland Scuba Diving Company have got you covered. Their friendly, patient and knowledgeable staff will make sure you feel safe and have the best time during your aquatic adventures. Their tours take you out to Wave Break Island where you’ll handfeed the many species of fish which swim with you as you enjoy the sights and sensations unique to scuba diving.
Where: Mariners Cove, Berth 91, 60 Seaworld Dr, Main Beach

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