Sean Scott has become one of the Gold Coast’s best know photographers. His breathtaking images capture the Gold Coast’s coastal beauty above, on and under the water.

While photographic assignments have taken Sean to many stunning parts of the globe, from the Aurora Borealis in Iceland and Norway to the waters of Tahiti and Tonga, he’s always happy to get back to his hometown, his young family and his favourite places to capture mother nature’s finest moments. Below, he shares two of his best spots to get the shot.

You can see the results of his journey so far at his gallery on James Street in Burleigh Heads or follow Sean on Instagram.

Sean Scott capturing sunrise at Burleigh Headland
Above: Sean Scott capturing sunrise at Burleigh Headland



“The stretch of water from Snapper Rocks through to Kirra is where I do a lot of my underwater photography. It’s as clear under there as anywhere in the world. There has to be a southerly wind when I photograph there – then it’s clean and clear because it’s blowing offshore.”

Turtle photographed by Sean Scott
Above: Turtle photographed by Sean Scott


“I go here every day, not only for photography but to keep fit. Running up through the headland and being able to look out over the sea, I can check the water clarity and see what the conditions are all the way up to Surfers. Starting the morning here gives me ideas about what I want to do that day.”


“I’m often down at Currumbin Rock, where Currumbin Alley begins, either shooting from a helicopter or swimming. It’s an iconic surfing spot. For a surfing shoot, I like to be there early, to get the golden light. Some of the sunsets can be awesome, too.”

Currumbin Rock at sunrise
Above: Currumbin Rock at sunrise.