It’s not just about rides at Australia’s biggest theme park. Dreamworld also plays home to over 500 cute, cuddly, scaly and endangered creatures including… you guessed it… these adorable koala joeys. All ten of them. Squee!

These bubbas are only 9 months old and are currently spending their days riding around on mum’s back, taking long snoozes and sampling the ample gum leaves in their purpose-built koala home.

They started venturing out of their mums’ pouches about a month ago and guests can now get a glimpse of some of them at Dreamworld Corroboree.

Did you know that Queensland is the only state in Australia where you can hold a koala? And Dreamworld Corroboree along with Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary both allow you to cuddle and take home a snap of your experience with these fluffy, sleepy, iconic Aussie species. Both parks undertake incredibly important work for koalas and work hand-in-hand with organisations like the Australian Koala Foundation.

The Dreamworld Wildlife Foundation (DWF) works with University of Queensland on conservation initiatives including the preservation of the critical genetic variation found only in koalas from South East Queensland. DWF also supports koala re-homing and the continued growth of eucalypt forests. With 61 precious furballs calling Dreamworld Corroboree home, (that makes it of the largest colonies of koalas in the world!) these forests and the leaf cutters supplying the food are mighty important in keeping our beloved koalas around.

Just in case you’re not convinced to get your booty to Dreamworld, here are a couple more pics of the joeys…

Baby Nutmeg at Dreamworld Corroboree

OMG. Adorable.

@dreamworldau @dwf


Baby Tarragon

Look at that face though!

@dwf Sleepy bubba at Dreamworld

Told ya you need to get there, stat. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯