Membership Code of Conduct

Gold Coast Tourism Corporation LTD (The Company), is a controlled entity of Experience Gold Coast PTY LTD (EGC). The company’s membership code of conduct outlines professional Guidelines to support our commitment to raising the standards and service levels for the Gold Coast Tourism Industry


These guiding principles ensure the conduct of members will enhance the Gold Coast’s tourism industry and contribute positively to a unique, memorable and enriching visitor experience. Members are required to comply with the Objects of The Company’s Constitution including promotion of visitation to the Gold Coast and to establish and maintain relationships and alliances to promote the city. The Company expects members will reinforce these values:


  1. Act professionally and with high levels of duty of care, safety and concern towards other members, customers and the Gold Coast community.
  2. Deliver with integrity all advertised products and services, meeting all legal responsibilities.

  3. Comply with the laws of Australia and ensure all contracts and terms of business are clear, concise and honoured in full, and ensure all dealings are ethical and fair.

  4. Speak and act respectfully and not denigrate or slander anyone or discriminate on the basis of race, gender, accessibility, religious belief, sexual orientation or political persuasion.

  5. Ensure claims in advertising and marketing products or services are true, not misleading or exaggerated and are not negative about another member’s product or service.

  6. Manage their business effectively and efficiently, enhancing the reputation of tourism on the Gold Coast and to respond to and resolve customer complaints in a timely and courteous manner.

  7. Operate a safe, healthy and satisfying working environment for staff, customers and the public.

  8. Manage their staff/employees fairly and equitably.

  9. Consider environmental best practice guidelines, conserving water, energy and the natural environment.

  10. Be ambassadors for tourism on the Gold Coast and help promote community understanding of the importance of tourism as a vital contributor to the local economy.




By paying your membership invoice, you agree to The Company’s Membership Code of Conduct. Refer to The Company’s Constitution for further information relating to gross misconduct and possible suspension or cancellation of membership.