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Over 50's Campaign

On 2 February 2020, Destination Gold Coast (DGC) unveiled its new $2 million domestic campaign in continuation of the successful brand launch of Australia’s Favourite Playground in 2019. 

The deliberate move to reposition to a more leisure facing brand, leverages the Gold Coast’s competitive strengths as key tourism destination. Underpinning the shift is the Come and Play platform that serves to reinforce the brand’s playfulness through highlighting core authentic experiences to reignite Australia’s love affair with the Gold Coast. 

A first for DGC, the curated 9-week campaign invites 50+ High Spending Travellers (HSTs) from priority markets of Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane to play on the Gold Coast. The campaign showcases key experiences and attractions highly regarded as key drivers to encourage consideration of the Gold Coast as holiday haven for this market.

The $2 million campaign is brought to life through a suite of creative assets used across Destination Gold Coast and partner channels. Specifically designed for the audience in mind, imagery incorporates a breadth of diverse products and experiences from across the region. The treatment is anchored by extensive research that supports the travel preferences and behaviour of overnight domestic travellers aged 50+. These include interacting with nature-based activities in our lush hinterland rainforest, sampling fresh local produce, enjoying light meals and fine dining, to self-exploration of the destination and prioritising relaxation

The campaign plays to the nostalgia of creating lifelong memories through unforgettable family holidays with mum, dad, siblings, step-parents, grandparents and great-grandparents through the depiction of multi-generational getaways in addition to couple retreats, to celebrate this young at heart market.

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