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After two years of lockdowns, disrupted travel plans and cancelled holidays, the need to play and the desire to travel again is stronger than ever. The once-in-a-generation impacts of COVID-19 on the Gold Coast’s tourism sector are still being felt and competition for domestic market share is fierce as consumer confidence grows. At a time when every travel entity across Australia is ruthlessly chasing market share, DGC’s campaign content must remain fresh, relevant and inspiring to drive the desired cut through in a crowded market.

While Destination Gold Coast has achieved a robust brand identity with ‘Australia’s Favourite Playground’ platform over the last few years, the creative assets were becoming fatigued. A new concept was required to evolve DGC’s creative to be bold, category-breaking and in tune with current consumer sentiment. Come and Play’ was received positively in market and helped lay the foundations for DGC’s strong and recognisable brand, ‘Australia’s Favourite Playground’. 

Now, it’s important to build on this positioning with Play The Day Away and at a time when the appetite for play has never been stronger.

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