Man holding a surfboard with a backdrop of the Gold Coast

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For the Gold Coast to be recognised locally, nationally and internationally as one of the world’s great tourist and Business Events destinations.
For Destination Gold Coast to be universally acknowledged as a successful, globally aware destination marketing organisation that embraces a culture of continuous improvement, customer focus, current technology, contemporary leadership and excellence.


To grow tourist visitation and expenditure for the benefit of the tourism and Business Events sectors and other community stakeholders.
To add value to members through promotion and increased destination awareness.

Business Goals

  • Increase visitor arrivals and expenditure to the city
  • Operate with a sustainable business model
  • Deliver value to members
  • Deliver business outcomes based upon quality research, best practice and return on investment
  • Apply available resources in the most effective and productive manner
  • Identify and invest in growth opportunities
  • Build the capacity of the Destination Gold Coast Business Events (DGCBE)
  • Demonstrate industry and destination management leadership
  • Establish Destination Gold Coast as an employer of choice

Brand Values

The Gold Coast is a welcoming, vibrant, diverse, fun and entertaining destination. These values are reflected in the work of Destination Gold Coast.