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The Destination Tourism Management Plan (DTMP) extends the highly successful partnership between the City of Gold Coast and the tourism industry through Destination Gold Coast (DGC). It is a collaborative approach to ensure the sustainable success of the industry and aggressively capitalise on key opportunities for the city as a world-class tourism destination.

The DTMP addresses the changing needs of the broader visitor economy in the Gold Coast region. It aims to build on a strong foundation which acknowledges the vital demand-side destination marketing undertaken by GCT by aligning the strategies, resources, and efforts of industry and all levels of government towards a set of unified long-term objectives and outcomes.

The DTMP has been developed by DGC and the City of Gold Coast based on an extensive base of tourism intelligence, industry engagement and experience. Alignment with the State of Queensland and its various agencies as detailed in the DTMP demonstrate commitment to working in partnership at a destination level to deliver collective tourism aspirations.

The DTMP is characterised by seven strategic priorities which provide a platform to deliver destination-based policy, planning and investment decisions. These priorities are as follows:

  1. Stronger partnerships
  2. Balanced portfolio of markets
  3. Infrastructure and investment attraction
  4. Quality service and innovation
  5. Iconic experiences
  6. Nature and culture
  7. Events

For information on the strategic priorities, refer to the Destination Tourism Management Plan.