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Bob La Castra

Board Director

Destination Gold Coast Board Director - Bob La Castra

Bob La Castra was elected to the Council for the City of Gold Coast, in 1997. Just one year later, he took on the role of ‘Chairman Community Services’, which has largely been responsible for Arts & Culture, as well as Community, Health, Sport & Recreation. Bob has also chaired the Events Advisory Committee, since 1998, and in December 2017, was asked by Mayor Tom Tate, to take on the new and exciting portfolio of Events Tourism and Governance.

Prior to Bob’s political career, he received both national and international recognition as an actor, television presenter and scriptwriter. Best known as the presenter of Australia's longest running children's television program - Wombat and as a regular cast member of Neighbours, Bob also developed and was the first writer of what is arguably Australia's biggest ever television export (130 countries) Bananas in Pyjamas.

Bob regularly performs with two bands - Bob La Castra & Groove Assembly and The Waves and is also a popular and sought after, conference MC.