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Upon accessing DGCnet, you will be directed to the home page where you can access our Partner Bulletins as well as the tabs on the left to access your account profile and other relevant information about your membership. screengrab


partner bulletins

Partner bulletins are located on the home page. They house important information including a link to our online events calendar. click on “View Full” on each bulletin to access links and attachments.


Partner Bulletins Screengrab


member profile

The PROFILE icon displays details for your Account, Contacts and Benefits. Here you are able to review and edit details within your Account and Contacts pages.


DGC profile screengrab


viewing & editing your account details

Click on the Accounts button featured under PROFILE. If you have more than one membership with Destination Gold Coast, you can select each of your additional accounts to view and edit details once you are in this area.

The Accounts tab provides you with information on your account name, main company email, website, phone details, as well as your physical, postal and shipping addresses.

This is also the access point to Manage Amenities such as product details and facilities. When you select the Manage Amenities button you will see tabs for Accommodation, Attraction, Restaurant and Transport & General Services. Choose the most applicable tab for your product/business and complete details in that section. Don’t forget to click the “SAVE” button after editing.

And if you are a business events member you will find a second amenities section promoting your venue called Manage Meeting Space which you have the ability to edit.


Update Amenities screengrab


viewing and editing your contacts

The Contacts section provides you a list of the contacts on file with us. It also shows you the “contact type” which can be either Primary, Secondary or Inactive.

Primary: Only one Contact in your business should be allocated this type

Secondary: All other Active Contacts should be nominated as secondary

Inactive: Contacts no longer with your business should be marked inactive

You have the ability to manage the contact type, contact information, and to create new contacts through the ADD CONTACT button.

To allow your new contact to gain access to DGCnet please click on the CONTACT US tab on the left hand side and ask us to activate access (they will receive an automatic email with log in details).

For Business Events Members: please advise if your new contact requires access to RFPs (leads) and/or service requests.

my benefits

In this section you will find a host of information pertaining to the benefits you receive as a member of Destination Gold Coast including website statistics, information on familiarisations your business has been involved in, DGC events and workshops you or your team have attended, in-kind contributions (how you have supported DGC’s activities) as well as head office spend (what we have spent with you) and visitor information centre (VIC) ticket sales.


By clicking the Resources icon, you will find a host of useful information uploaded by Destination Gold Coast. Categories include Corporate Information, Member & Marketing Resources, and Business Events Resources. 

To access a resource simply click on the name.


Resources screengrab