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Am I eligible to become a Member of Destination Gold Coast?

Membership is open to all tourism-related businesses, professional support services as well as individuals who wish to become connected with industry and who are either situated within the City of Gold Coast or located within a 40km radius of the city centre. A 50% loading applies to all fees for businesses located outside the boundaries of City of Gold Coast. Businesses located beyond a 40km zone of the City of Gold Coast are ineligible for membership.

Which membership category is right for my business?

Our Membership Services team are available to assist you in selecting the best membership for your business. Please call (07) 5584 6244 or email to arrange a face to face meeting.

All members must have a Base Membership level from the options below:

  • Tourism – These members have direct contact with leisure and business travellers
  • Restaurant – Food and beverage outlets such as bars, cafes, restaurants etc
  • Associate – These members supply goods and services to the tourism industry and include business support services, education, travel agents etc
  • Supporter – This membership is available to individuals (rather than businesses) who want to connect with the tourism industry

How do I list my business on

By listing with the Australian Tourism Data Warehouse (ATDW), your product information will automatically be featured on DGC’s consumer website, . An annual ATDW subscription costs $200 however, for DGC Members the subscription is only $150. Through the ATDW, you can upload images, booking URL, descriptors, room or tour types, hours of operation, costs as well as social media links.

What is the ATDW?

The Australian Tourism Data Warehouse is a central content and distribution platform for the Australian tourism industry. ATDW has been developed as a joint initiative by Tourism Australia and all state and territory tourism organisations. Find out further information on ATDW

How do I access the Business Events market?

DGC has a substantial Business Events (BE) team whose remit is to seek out new corporate, association and incentive business for the Gold Coast from both the domestic market and internationally. The DGCBE team focuses on creating opportunities for members who take one of our BE Elective Packages to connect with Business Event trade and media as well as connecting confirmed events with venues, suppliers and services on the Gold Coast.

Members with the BE Elective package also have exclusive access to unique cooperative marketing opportunities, trade shows and networking events. See the 2020-21 Membership Prospectus for further information.

How can I display my brochures in the Visitor Information Centres at Gold Coast Airport and Cavil Avenue?

An additional Visitor Information Centre (VIC) package is available to Tourism Members. Adding this package to your membership ensures your DL or A4 brochure is displayed at both VICs (Surfers Paradise Mall and Gold Coast Airport Arrivals Hall). Bookings for your product can then be made via a manual voucher (which is 10% commissionable) or via Ticketmates.

Is there a way Destination Gold Coast can help me track and improve my business’s online reputation?

Destination Gold Coast has teamed up with ReviewPro, a powerful monitoring and measurement aggregator that sources reviews from more than 175 online platforms including Facebook, Google and TripAdvisor to name a few. By tracking what guests and customers are saying about your business across multiple social media networks DGC can assist Tourism and Restaurant members to identify ways to gain better customer reviews and therefore more business – all the while driving our shared goal of becoming Australia’s Most Recommended Destination.

Check out our ReviewPro Webinars for further information (Tash to provide link – when it is available – until then leave out last line)


How do I know if my membership is working for me?

DGC members are provided with a login to DGCnet . This online system allows you to view reports, presentations and statistics as well as the My Benefits dashboard which outlines DGC’s engagement with your business. This includes visits to your DGC website listing, Head Office Sales, Ticket Sales, Advertising Opportunities, Events attended, Referrals to your business and more.

Further to this, your Membership Services team has a range of collateral and resources on how to maximise your membership and the team are always available for guidance and advice via email, phone or face-to-face meetings.

Who can I talk to about membership?

To get in touch with our friendly Membership Services team, please call (07) 5584 6244 or email

How can I sign up to become a member?

Ready to join? Please apply online via our online application form