8 Things you probably didn’t know you could do on the Gold Coast

Phoebe Lee | Travel Blogger

It's time for some real talk. Most of us are creatures of habit and, when we visit the Gold Coast, tend to go on auto-pilot and do the same things each time. But the GC has so much to offer and so many fun ways to spend your days. To kick-start your next adventure when you drive to the Goldie, here are 10 things you probably didn’t know you could do.

1. Elabana Falls

You've probably heard of or visited the Gold Coast's famed Natural Bridge in Springbrook, but how about Elabana Falls? It's one of the most gorgeous waterfalls on the Goldie, hidden in the rainforest of Lamington National Park. You can get there on the Box Forest circuit, a 4-hour round trip that’ll lead you through beautiful bushland before rewarding you with the stunning falls.

2. Surfboard Shapers Workshop

Ever wanted to create your own surfboard? The guys at Surfboard Shapers Workshop offer a comprehensive 5 module workshop, taking you through everything from choosing a design right through to shaping techniques and having a board ready for artwork and glassing. It's a chance to shape your own stick and learn a whole new skill.

3. Araluen Swimming Hole

Picture-perfect beach spots don't get much better than the Araluen Swimming Hole. This local favourite can be found in Tallebudgera Valley, near the corner of Tallebudgera Creek Road and Araluen Road.  It offers up a beautiful patch of beach, with large rocks and boulders bordering the entry to the bright blue water.

4. Visit Wineries

We all seem to get a little too excited about visiting wineries in New South Wales and Victoria, but guys; we can do that on the Gold Coast too! Rather than spending all your savings on a getaway down south, spend your time and money exploring the Gold Coast's wineries instead. There's Cedar Creek Estate, Canungra Valley Vineyards, Witches Falls Winery and Mount Nathan Winery, to name just a few.

5. SUP Yoga

Stand-up paddle board yoga is a thing and it’s all kinds of amazing. The team at The Floating Lotus offer classes led by a certified SUP yoga instructor. Paddle out into the beautiful water and put your body to the test. It’s amazing for developing strength and a great way to reconnect with your mind, body and soul. Classes run in spring and summer.

6. Multi-Brewery Tour

If you love beer, you should jump on a tour of the Gold Coast’s finest breweries. The aptly named 'Coldie on the Goldie' tour, run by Hop On Brewery Tours, takes you to three sensational breweries over a few hours. You'll be fed and watered (repeatedly) with delicious, delicious beer. Given you've got a designated driver for the day; you get to soak it all in with reckless abandon. Perfect.

7. Attend a Free Meditation Class

For the mindful among you, join one of the free meditation classes held by Sahaja Yoga. The benefits of meditation are profound; it can help overcome stress, deal with personal issues and process emotions. It’s a great way to take time out for yourself, reconnect and realign. Given its free, there are no excuses not to go!

8. Join a Photography Meet Up

If you're a budding photographer or dream of being a travel instragrammer, you can meet like-minded souls and polish your skills at a photography meet-up. The Gold Coast SLR Photography Meetup Group is fair dinkum, organising regular meet ups in different locations to share knowledge, talk shop and practice their photography skills.

Phoebe Lee

Phoebe Lee

Travel Blogger

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