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The Gold Coast’s 10 best places for coffee

Alex Mitcheson

Falling out of bed and into the guise of a human can be a hard task to uphold. Yet for many, myself included, there is a saviour. Where would most of us be without our hot black friend coffee? If I'm honest: probably still in bed. The cafe scene here on the Gold Coast is bustling and there is certainly no lack of options as to where to get your caffeine fix. Yet, the arduous mission of unearthing the very best coffee was undertaken - because having a good coffee to start the day is oh so important!


If the tantalising coffee here isn't going to sell it to you, then the amazing raw "cheezecakes" that these guys make certainly will. Their whole ethos is to blend only the finest ingredients and nothing is worth eating unless it has been made with love. They also make some awesome superfood lattes if you feel like giving coffee a miss.

Location: 1 / 253 Ferry Road, Southport


Regularly showcasing an array of single origin beans, Canteen certainly does brew up some great coffee as well as some fine breakfast. These guys are nestled in a quieter corner of the ever-popular Burleigh Heads; this could very well be your perfect little afternoon rest stop.

Location: 23 Park Ave, Burleigh Heads


Essentially the one-stop shop for pretty much everything coffee. Not only do they roast their own award winning beans and make incredible coffee, they also sell a variety of coffee paraphernalia and host training workshops. If you love coffee, do yourself a favour and drop by.

Location: The 4217, 7/10 Beach Rd, Surfers Paradise

Skull & Bones

Widely applauded for having exceptional coffee and also making every customer feel welcome. It's a slightly smaller spot right on the highway - but don't let that put you off, the skilled baristas and an impressive bagel menu will certainly have you coming back time and time again.

Location: 2577 Gold Coast Highway, Mermaid Beach

Elk Espresso

Step into Elk and firstly the décor will no doubt take you. Its light, restrained and cool vibes will flood over you; but what about the coffee? Upon the counter top you will see the house blend and single origin laid bare in front of you on little chalkboards telling you everything about them. Often the busy spot, there is ample chance though to find a secluded corner and unwind with a great coffee.

Location: 16 Chelsea Avenue, Broadbeach

Hendrixx Espresso

With a cool name, one might expect cool coffee. And good coffee you do get! Hendrixx delivers the goods with their Fonzie Abbot Roast being poured with precision. Also hosting a deliciously attractive menu, don’t be surprised to spot some Hollywood A-listers here; there has been a few!

Location: 1063 Gold Coast Hwy, Palm Beach

Old Paris

If there’s one thing the French do better than sipping wine and eating baguettes then it’s baking perhaps the world's finest pastries. If pairing the aforementioned fine pastry with a tremendous coffee is your thing, then look no further than Old Paris in Varsity. These guys are also one of the first to explode on the scene with Nitro coffee- essentially coffee on tap. Intrigued? Go check it out!

Location: Shop 7, 228 Varsity Parade, Varsity Lakes

Black Sheep Espresso Baa

This cute little spot sits perfectly across from the beach on The Strand at Coolangatta. Perfect for an afternoon 'post dip in the ocean' pick me up. Now the food here is good, in fact really good. As the guys and gals here make and bake everything. Tasty Muffins, quiche and slices galore, make dropping by just for a coffee rather difficult!

Location: 80 Marine Parade, Coolangatta

Alfred's Diner

This backyard casual spot draws quite the weekend crowd, and there’s little questioning as to why. The coffee is always super consistent, come rain or shine and the mood is never bad here. If wolfing down a seriously good burrito with a coffee is your thing, then folks, this is as good as it gets.

Location: 2389 Gold Coast Hwy, Mermaid Beach


A little hidden and off the beaten track you might say, but very much worth the mini treasure hunt. Whether you like your coffee traditionally hot or if you like to dabble in colder versions they have you covered. Serving up their own yummy house made cold press bottled coffee, no doubt perfect for the hot days ahead. Stay long enough and you will notice the bakery attached to the café pumping out luscious baked goods. You will be back.

Location: Hibiscus Haven, Miami

Alex Mitcheson

Alex is often found battling the crowds for a few waves somewhere on the coast. When not wet and covered in zinc his passions are finding good food as well as wine...there has to be wine! Originally from Newcastle, England (yes, Geordie Shore) starting out as a chef, before changing roles into bartender, waiter and sommelier across the UK, Channel Islands, France, NZ and Australia. A critical chap, prone to sunburn and very much a Virgo.

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