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Where to buy the best and freshest Seafood on The Gold Coast

Alex Mitcheson

The Gold Coast is lined with kilometre after kilometre of pristine beaches, all backed by that alluring blue canvas that is the Pacific Ocean. Not only does it look impressive to the naked eye, it also provides us with some incredibly fresh seafood to tantalise the taste buds. Being that there's a huge variety of fish, shellfish and crustaceans to choose from, if you are a true fan of food from the ocean then you are really quite spoilt on The Gold Coast. Here we take a closer look at some of the best places to find the best and freshest seafood in the area.

Fishermen's Cooperative

If freshness is paramount for your sea fare then look no further than the Fisherman's Cooperative at Main Beach. The organisation takes prawns, fish and crabs from up to 12 sea-going ships at one time. The ships return often in the early hours of the day from their night trawls, they then unload their bounty right there for you the customer to buy straight off the boat. This means you could be buying something that has literally been pulled from the ocean only hours before; it doesn't get any better than this people!

Location: SeaWorld Drive, Main Beach

The Fish House

Having nurtured and fostered a special relationship with a fish supplier from Victoria, this iconic Gold Coast restaurant doesn't mess around. Getting the freshest and best available seafood from Victoria and South Australia flown up every morning to Coolangatta Airport is something very unique. Whether it's Port Lincoln Hiramasa Kingfish or Hand dived scallops from Port Phillip Bay, the strive for great food is truly evident at The Fish House in Burleigh. So conscious of their efforts to freshness they won't even take fish from WA, as it's 'simply too far away to remain fresh';. Worthy of its high reputation, head here for some of the country's finest seafood in a relaxed and elegant setting.

Location: Goodwin Terrace, Burleigh Heads

Charis Seafood

Another worthy supplier of some incredible seafood is Charis Seafoods in Labrador. The biggest in size of the all the suppliers, the long time owned and ran family business makes catering for a large gathering or event quite the breeze. They offer well-priced seafood platters and whole 'eskys' with an array of the oceans best; perfect for when the sun's out and the family decide to drop by.

Location: Marine Parade, Labrador

Fish Lab

It's been a little difficult of late not to have heard or seen something about The Kitchens at Robina Town Centre. One place that has made our list, and with good reason, is The Fish Lab. Set in the very contemporary and chic surroundings of the kitchens the restaurant is certainly not a style before substance kind of place. The focus is to take the best and freshest fish, cooking it to perfection and giving it to the customer as close as possible to 'its original form'. An extremely well put together venue, and worthy of the slightly inland trip from the beach!

Location: The Kitchens, Robina Town Centre

Peter's Fish Market

Now no list of this nature would be quite complete without the inclusion of this establishment. Peter's Fish Market has quite the cult following and reputation, with little argument as to why either. Situated very close to the Fisherman's Cooperative the market also prides itself on getting the best and most fresh seafood there is going. Also renowned for having some incredible fish and chips, the business prides itself on its ample outside seating, meaning you can enjoy your delicious fried bounty with an incredible view over the Broadwater.

Location: SeaWorld Drive, Main Beach

Alex Mitcheson

Alex is often found battling the crowds for a few waves somewhere on the coast. When not wet and covered in zinc his passions are finding good food as well as wine...there has to be wine! Originally from Newcastle, England (yes, Geordie Shore) starting out as a chef, before changing roles into bartender, waiter and sommelier across the UK, Channel Islands, France, NZ and Australia. A critical chap, prone to sunburn and very much a Virgo.

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