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Capturing the beauty of the Gold Coast

William Patino

Will Patino is a landscape photographer with over 135,000 followers on Instagram. Here's what he had to say about the Gold Coast after visiting in early 2015...

I'd been to the Gold Coast several times before but usually end up in Surfers. For this trip it was nice to jump in a car and explore some of the National Parks and Hinterland and discover what else the Gold Coast has to offer. There is so much diversity! From the ocean to the forest and waterfalls, the Gold Coast really ticks all the boxes for a landscape photographer.

One of my favourite moments was a short hike to watch the sunset from Purling Brook Falls. Although the waterfall is huge you can stand on top where the cascades are and overlook the mountains in the distance. It's such a stunning view!

Some of my favourite shots from my Gold Coast stay…

1. Flying high with Hot Air Gold Coast in the hinterland

2. Saying hello to a baby koala at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

3. Capturing an awe-inspiring sunset at Burleigh Heads

4. Getting up close and personal with the birdlife

5. Travelling along the windy road to Lamington National Park

6. Taking in a glorious sunset by the waterfall at O'Reilly's Rainforest Retreat

7. Checking out the birdlife at the Bird of Prey show at O’Reilly’s

8. Not the only one at The Spit for the sunset…

9. Taking in the beauty of Springbrook Natural Arch

10. Getting back to nature in Springbrook National Park

11. A glimpse of Surfers Paradise from the water

12. Looking down on The Spit, Main Beach with Gold Coast Helitours

William Patino

Visual Storyteller

Will is a Wollongong-based landscape photographer, who first picked up a camera in 2012. For Will, photography isn’t just about the images but also the moments that surround them. He believes we live in a fast-paced world, but his time with the camera is when he is able to slow down and appreciate things in their simplest form. See his website for more.

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