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Six interesting facts about the Gold Coast

Christine Retschlag


Co-owned by Gold Coast Titans co-captain Greg Bird, BSKT Cafe at Mermaid Beach derived its named after a trip to Africa where one of the cafe's owners met with a local chief and spoke about their long journey from Australia. The chief, in turn, told of how Ancient Egyptians used biscuits to sustain themselves on the long journey. The name resonated and is now a growing health brand on the Gold Coast.


Burleigh Brewing Company has some cheeky names for its beers, but they come with stories of their own. The 28 Pale Ale pays homage to 28 days of continuous perfect swell off Burleigh Heads in the 70s, something every surfer will tell you is a major celebration. Meanwhile, while My Wife's Bitter does actually refer to the Brewmaster's wife, it's not because she's angry, but rather, it's his quirky gift to her. Gold Coast men are romantics at heart.


Burleigh Heads itself was actually named Burly Head in 1840 because of its massive size, but by the 1880s that had evolved to Burleigh Heads and the name stuck. The headland itself, which sits 79 metres above the ocean, was formed 20 to 23 million years ago from numerous volcanic eruptions from Mount Warning.


In 2002 local surfer Damon Harvey rode a wave from Snapper Rocks point to Kirra Beach - a distance of approximately 1.5km. The wave had Harvey surfing for around 5 minutes and is acknowledged as one of the longest wave ever ridden on an ocean wave.


Coolangatta/Tweed Heads is home to three of the strongest board riding clubs in Australia - Kirra Surf Riders (established 1962); Snapper Surf Riders (1964); and Duranbah Board Riders (2008).


Hayden Kenny won the first Australian Ironman Championship on Coolangatta Beach on 1966. Last year, 30 years after he starred in the movie "Coolangatta Gold", Kenny's 51-year-old son Grant entered the 41.5km race.

Christine Retschlag


Christine Retschlag is an award-winning Australian journalist who has worked in newspapers, magazines and online for the past 25 years in Australia, Hong Kong, London and Singapore. In 2006, she won the Australian Travel Writer of the Year award for Best Trade Story as well as the Jack Butters Memorial Award for Travel Writing Excellence. In 2007 she won Best Australian Story over 1000 words and in 2014 won Best Food Travel Story. She is also the author and architect of the successful travel blog: The Global Goddess.

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