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Top 5 adventure activities on the Gold Coast

Megan Jerrard

The Gold Coast is Australia's capital of fun. Whether you're seeking adventure on land, in the air or on Gold Coast's famously beautiful waters, the Gold Coast is an endless outdoor playground. And the huge range of activities on offer means there is something to suit everyone.

From riding horses through the natural wonders of the Gold Coast Hinterland, to skydiving over the southern beaches, or suiting up in a harness for Australia's largest and longest zipline, the Gold Coast offers a terrific combination of adrenalin pumping thrills. Embrace your inner adventurer and let loose.

Here are my top five adventure activities on the Gold Coast.

Skydive over the southern beaches

Take a scenic flight over the Gold Coast's never ending beaches before taking the quickest route down to the ground.

Skydiving is an exhilarating thrill, and Gold Coast Skydive offers the unique experience of landing on the beautiful and iconic sandy Kirra Beach.

The air rushes to your face and your heart starts racing. As the adrenalin rush kicks in, you feel like you're floating on a cushion of air. The silence is amazing, the view is sensational, and as the initial shock of the free fall quickly wears off your fear is replaced with an intense and electrifying thrill of soaring through the air. The adrenalin rush will keep you buzzing for weeks to come.

Pro Tip: Pay  extra for video and photos. Preserving this memory is absolutely worthwhile.

Australia's longest zipline

The Canyon Flyer at Tree Top Challenge is the newest adventure attraction on the Gold Coast, and easily one of the most extreme.

This is Australia's largest and longest guided zipline canopy tour, consisting of seven huge zip lines that cross Cedar Creek Canyon multiple times. Fly through the unspoiled rainforest at up to speeds of 70km per hour, 60m off the ground!

The Zipline tour takes about 2.5-3 hours, and also includes a fun 4WD experience to start the adventure. In addition to this attraction, they also have 85 challenges over five courses which combine rope and wire challenges in the rainforest. After your zipline, hang out in the trees, climb the ladders, balance on the suspended bridges and jump on the 11 flying foxes.

Trail ride through the hinterland

There are many World Heritage Listed rainforest trails throughout the hinterland, and if you're looking for something a little more unique than a bushwalk, Gold Coast Equestrian Centre offers tourist trail rides so you can explore the hinterland by horse instead.

Splash through rivers, and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the hinterland along the river's edge.

Paddling in a transparent kayak over sunken shipwrecks

Moreton Island is a unique paradise of golden beaches, rolling surf and beautiful fresh water lakes. You can explore and snorkel the stunning Tangalooma Shipwrecks, or you can experience these sunken wrecks from unique transparent kayaks! See fish and coral like never before without having to go under the water.

Sunset Safaris offers a range of 1-2 day adventure tours to Moreton Island from the Gold Coast. Their “Get Wrecked” 1-day tour is jam packed full of fun, which includes sand tobogganing, snorkeling, swimming, 4WDing along the beach and sand tracks, as well as the transparent kayaks during the day.

Pro Tip: If you have the time, consider booking on their 2-day tour. Those who stay overnight have the opportunity to take out the transparent kayaks after dark. See the underwater world like never before as you navigate eerie sunken shipwrecks with brilliant underwater lights.

Jet boat experience in the heart of the Gold Coast

To describe the experience of jet boating, it's similar to that of a theme park rollercoaster ride, though on the water. There's a 100% guarantee you'll get soaked!

Paradise Jet Boating is one of the most exciting activities on the Gold Coast. Ride in the most advanced jet boats in Australia through areas of the Gold Coast Broadwater. There is stunning scenery and sightseeing combined with 360-degree spins, high speed drifting, incredible beach buzzing and other exciting manoeuvres in as little as 10cm of water.

The cruise includes sightseeing past the Sovereign Island's spectacular multi-million dollar mansions, and the high probability of dolphins and other wildlife.

Jet Boat Extreme also helps you experience the adrenaline, power, excitement with a 55 minute jet boat experience. Jump aboard their five star boats with luxury padded seats and experience the thrill with Jet Boat Extreme's 650 horse-power twin jet-power turbo engines delivering speeds of up to and over 80 kilometres per hour on water.

Pro Tip: Wearing sunglasses helps keep water out from your eyes. For even more adventure, Paradise Jet Boating offers a jet boat + scenic helicopter ride combo which includes a free lunch.

Megan Jerrard

Travel Blogger

Megan is the blogger behind Mapping Megan - an adventure travel blog bringing you the latest in adventure travel from all over the world. She has mountain biked the most dangerous road in the world (Bolivia), skydived over the Swiss Alps, and summitted Mt Kilimanjaro, though when she's not exploring distance corners of the globe she enjoys hiding out in the Gold Coast Hinterland.

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