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Three insta-worthy locations in the Currumbin Valley

Marnie | Staff Writer

1. Freeman's Organic Farm

Enjoy a scenic drive up Tomewin Mountain Rd towards Freeman's Organic Farm which boasts spectacular panoramic views to the north and north-east, right down the Currumbin Valley.

If you get the chance, speak to David Freeman about the farm's rich history and wander 200m down to the homestead and capture the farm in the foreground with a stunning backdrop of the valley.

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2. Long Tan Park

On the corner of Bains Road and Currumbin Creek Road you will cross an old one lane bridge and find this simple little park with a whole lot of charm. It has all you need to snap up the perfect shot for Instagram - with lush greenery by the creek, and an old rope swing.

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3. Mount Cougal Cascades

Most people know about the Currumbin Rock Pools on Currumbin Creek Road, but the real insta-worthy pools are right down the end of the road at the stunning Mount Cougal Cascades.

Enjoy the scenic walking track in this section of the Springbrook National Park alongside the rock pools and falls, and even venture further along to the restored remains of a bush sawmill dating from the 1940s.

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Marnie O'Brien

Marnie O'Brien

Staff Writer

Marnie is yet to go off and travel the world because she is hooked on the unique sights and experiences in her own backyard. Not only is she lucky to call the Gold Coast home, but she also gets to share her love for the beaches, hinterland and beyond with travellers from all over through Visit Gold Coast's website and social media channels.

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