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10 reasons why the locals love Lamington National Park

Casey Eveleigh

Out in the Gold Coast hinterlands lies the breathtaking Lamington National Park. With numerous walking tracks leading you to waterfalls, mountain views and plenty of flora and fauna it is a must place to visit while on the Gold Coast.

1. Lying on the plateau of the McPherson Range on the Queensland and New South Wales border, there is over 20,000 hectares to explore, which is the reason I love spending so much time there. There is always something new to explore, such as the magical Chalahn Falls along the 17.4km Toolona Circuit from O'Reilly's Rainforest Retreat.

2. Being part of the lush Gondwana Rainforests of the Australia World Heritage Area, I have no doubt you will be in awe of your surroundings and feel as though you're back in the Jurassic period.

3. During one of the first hikes I ever did in Lamington National Park, I bent down to re-tie my shoelaces and heard a hissing noise – only to look up and be eye-to-claw with this little guy! The bright blue Lamington Spiny Crayfish will often be seen around walking tracks after rain – making its way to the next creek. If confronted, it will start hissing and waving its claws around aggressively to try warn off predators.

4. Finding hidden gems like this gorgeous unnamed waterfall along the Coomera Circuit is another reason I love spending time in the Lamington National Park.

5. Made up of two sections, the first being Green Mountains, there are many walking tracks to suit all levels of fitness including Moran Falls, Box Forest Circuit, Toolona Circuit (pictured), Albert River Circuit and the Border track which links Binna Burra to the Greens Mountains Section (a distance of 23km).

6. The other section, Binna Burra, has more wonderful walking tracks including the Coomera Circuit, Shipstern, Araucaria Lookout plus many more to take in - each filled with ancient trees, spectacular views and more waterfalls such as the gorgeous Coomera Falls (pictured).

7. Mirror Falls is one of my favourite falls to visit along the 20.6km Albert river circuit. It is not the easiest track to hike, but it's certainly worth it to be able to relax at the end by these amazing falls and hear nothing but the sounds of pure nature.

8. The mystical Neerigomindala Falls along the 17.4 km Coomera circuit is spectacular with the streams of sun rays beaming through the forests canopies lighting up its waters below. Here you can usually catch a glimpse of the local crayfish.

9. Celebrating 100 years of conservation in 2015, Lamington National Park is truly unique and is the largest preserved subtropical rainforest in Australia with many creek crossings like this one along the many tracks.

10. With its rich biodiversity, Lamington National Park truly is a place you must visit on the Gold Coast - and I'm sure it will be forever etched in your memories.

Casey Eveleigh

Visual Storyteller

Casey is a Gold Coast based photographer with a passion for capturing the beauty of Mother Nature and surrounds.

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