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10 reasons to take a camera to explore Springbrook

Marnie | Staff Writer
Story header photo credit: @lightcapturer_com


Springbrook National Park in the Gold Coast’s hinterland is something truly quite special.

And while the beautiful sights will forever be etched in your minds, why not explore with camera in hand and share the sights with your friends and family?

Here are 10 reasons why taking a camera is an absolute must:

1. Springbrook has the best lookout of all. (It’s literally called “The Best of All Lookout”)

Photo: @sassychris1


2. Nothing beats the view from the top.

Photo: @sjanaelise


3. Except of course, the view from the bottom.

Photo: @mcguigan_visuals


4. Everywhere you turn is a different kind of beautiful.

Photo: @sassychris1


5. The way the light beams through the rainforest is simply mesmerising.

Photo: @dani.dreams


6. The National Park is filled with natural wonders.

Photo: @shipwreckphotography


7. The misty mornings are like something from a dream.

Photo: @puanindya


8. Every single lookout will take your breath away.

Photo: @samearp


9. Some of Antarctic beech trees are about 3,000 years old!

Photo: @katiemuz


10. Springbrook has the perfect combination of waterfalls and leafy green valleys.

Photo: @golden_heart


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Marnie O'Brien

Marnie O'Brien

Staff Writer

Marnie is yet to go off and travel the world because she is hooked on the unique sights and experiences in her own backyard. Not only is she lucky to call the Gold Coast home, but she also gets to share her love for the beaches, hinterland and beyond with travellers from all over through Visit Gold Coast's website and social media channels.

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