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Australian International Student Tours - Tour

One Lifetime, One Encounter. Their motto sums up the experiences we provide for our students and client schools.

Australian International Student Tours is a Queensland based International Education Consultancy and Educational Tour Provider.

They have been offering our students and school groups unique, boutique and customised one of a lifetime experiences for more than 10 years. Australian International Student Tours love and continue to enjoy being able to assist students to have an International experience here in beautiful Queensland.

They have developed unique study tour programs that are designed specifically for their clients’ needs and requests. They can be subject based such as English and culture, marine studies or skills based such as leadership and team building. Australian International Student Tours also offer amazing virtual, interactive study tours experiences that compliment our in person programs.

The programs leave students with an experience that will last a lifetime.

Australian International Student Tours CEO, Tanya Ferguson was an exchange student to Sri Lanka, lived and worked in Japan as an Educator. These experiences afford Tanya with a unique insight into the needs of an Japanese International students and schools.

At Australian International Student Tours know what is needed to provide a successful experience for both the local school and International Student.