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Iron Ride Tours Gold Coast

Tour company that offers self ride, guided tours of the Gold Coast.
Participants pay a tour cost that covers the use of a Harley Davidson for the duration of the tour, safety gear and a lead rider who acts as the tour guide .
The tour consists of a round trip with a rest stop at the half way point 30 minutes for refreshments and sight seeing , before returning to the start point.

Creek to Coast


The Creek to Coast Tour travels from Coombabah creek to Jacobs Well on the coast, the round trip takes two hours which includes a 30 minute stop at Jacobs Well. This Harley Davidson Tour is unique to the Gold Coast because it includes the use of a Harley Davidson for each participant and no need for an expensive deposit. The short time frame of this Tour makes it perfect for fitting into your holiday itinerary and giving you the rest of the day to explore the Gold Coast as the Tour begins at 9.30am and ends at 11.30am. The Tour operates Monday to Friday and follows a chosen route that makes use of uncrowded roads with plenty of scenery to look at along the way, they travel over bridges, past waterways, through rural areas, between cane fields, to arrive at their destination Jacobs Well which is known as the Gateway to Moreton Bay.

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Gold Coast fishing spots the Esplanade Park, Coombabah
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