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YOTSPACE superyacht voyages QLD - Tour

YOTSPACE Luxury Yacht Charters | All inclusive superyacht voyages. Choose from 3-10 nights voyages exploring iconic Queensland destinations.

Magical moments await your selected YOTSPACE superyacht voyage, captivating destinations, wonderful marine experiences, luxurious book by the cabin accommodation and five-star cuisine are all included in their meticulously planned all-inclusive superyacht voyages.

Now more than ever, guests are looking for exclusivity, new experiences and intimacy in numbers, so they are offering their guests the privilege of booking a private berth on one of their premium voyages on a cabin by cabin basis, where they may enjoy the wonderful experience of a superyacht holiday at a price they never thought possible.

Each one of their carefully curated superyacht voyages is tailored to explore destinations of natural scenic beauty, historic and cultural interest, all whilst cruising the marine wonderland of the world's oceans. The YOTSPACE numbers are strictly limited to the number of cabins on each superyacht ensuring an ultra-luxury, intimate travel experience.

YOTSPACE voyages are themed for the individual travellers' style.

Voyages departing Whitsundays, Port Douglas, Cairns, Gold Coast, Sydney and the Kimberley.

Great Barrier Reef – Lizard Island Voyage – 6 Nights


Book by the cabin on their YOTSPACE superyacht voyage to the Northern Great Barrier Reef and Lizard Island. The northern Great Barrier Reef offers some of the clearest bodies of water found in the world providing a sanctuary for the most vibrant corals and marine life, making this the ideal destination for an immersive snorkel superyacht voyage. After enjoying a snorkel, relax, explore, or take time out in the jacuzzi and take in all the pampering that is on offer on a luxurious superyacht voyage. Their company DNA for YOTSPACE superyacht voyages are for their guests to be intimately connected to the regions and locations that they visit by offering impactful experiences without compromising on their luxury travel style. A highlight of this Lizard Island voyage during the months of June – July it is highly likely guests will be entertained by Dwarf Minke whales and Humpback whales as they migrate. Enjoy all-inclusive 5-star gourmet cuisine and high-quality Australian beverages that will delight your tastebuds at every sitting. Try the new water toys for guest use such as a sea-scooter, water skis, tow toys, snorkel gear, fishing gear and a large jacuzzi on the upper deck.

Tariffs include:

Whitsunday Island Voyage - 6 Nights


Now you can come on a meticulously curated superyacht voyage around the many islands that make up the world famous Whitsunday Islands on the Great Barrier Reef on an all-inclusive, book by the cabin basis departing from Hamilton Island. Catering to only a maximum of 8 guests, YOTSPACE superyacht voyages are for those guests looking for unique, intimate, purposeful and exclusive travel moments that make for lifetime memories. Sit back, relax and watch the world go by or enjoy your time in the water snorkelling the coral reefs, playing with the marine life or hiking on islands searching for the best scenic lookouts. Enjoy gourmet food prepared by your onboard chef, tropical cocktails, experience colourful marine life, mesmerizing scenery, white silica sand beaches, jacuzzi hot tub and tropical island adventures. On their Whitsundays YOTSPACE voyage they visit all the iconic locations such as Whitehaven Beach where you will take a guided walk to the Hill Inlet Lookout and experience the powdery white sands. They will cruise to Nara Inlet to see the historical Aboriginal paintings and take a swim in the rock pools. Join them for an indulgent 6 night, 7 day superyacht holiday cruising the Whitsunday Islands.

Tariffs include:

Whitsundays Reef & Relax Superyacht Voyage – 6 Nights


The Whitsundays Reef & Relax Superyacht Voyage takes you to some outer reefs rarely visited by other superyachts. Their superyacht Captain has been conducting voyages on this section of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef for many superyacht seasons and he knows all the most treasured anchorages of the Whitsunday Islands. Over six nights their superyacht crew will show you the iconic landmarks within the world-famous Great Barrier Reef, her iconic beaches, island landscapes and her infamous beauty of the underwater world. Guests may choose to just cruise and take in all the scenery and pampering that goes with being a VIP superyacht guest or you may be as adventurous as you wish and join in on hikes to wonderful locations and snorkel at every possible moment. Enjoy all the in-water activities on offer in one of the many bays and beaches they explore, enjoy hikes or take some time for relaxation in the Jacuzzi or on the superyachts sun decks. Dine on gourmet meals freshly prepared by your onboard chef, and enjoy a glass of wine as the sunsets on a magical day on the Whitsundays. Come experience the Whitsundays in luxury on a book-by-the-cabin, all-inclusive superyacht voyage.

Tariffs include:

Whitsunday Islands Superyacht Voyage – 6 Nights


The book by the cabin YOTSPACE Whitsunday Islands superyacht voyage itineraries are very popular with guests from all walks of life. These idyllic islands provide the perfect scenic backdrops and safe harbours for their guests to play in these waters, a natural marine playground. There is always something to see and places to explore in this part of the Great Barrier Reef. From the galley their all-inclusive five star cuisine and beverage packages will delight your tastebuds at every sitting. Guests can choose to just enjoy a quiet leisurely cruise of for the more adventurous folks the superyacht provides in water toys for guest use such as jet ski, stand up paddle boards, kayaks, tow toys, snorkel gear. Scuba diving is an optional extra at guests expense and must be on request at time of booking. Book by the cabin on our YOTSPACE Whitsunday Islands superyacht voyage and join them on Corroboree for an indulgent 6 night superyacht holiday exploring the romantic Whitsundays.

Tariffs include: