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Anton Gorlin Photography - Tour

An experienced landscape photographer and a tutor offering mentoring in landscape photography for any skill level. Suitable for beginners up to advanced level. They know the area, they keep an eye on the weather to provide the best location for any given weather conditions and adjust material to the attendees level.

With them, you are able to learn everything starting from basic camera settings and equipment usage to a number of advanced techniques.

Landscape Sunrise and Sunset Photography Class


The project Landscape Sunrise and Sunset Photography Class is the best time and money investment if you are looking for a shortcut learning photography. Skip months and years of trial and error to achieve a level up with the photography courses by award-winning photographer Anton Gorlin. You’ll learn about the safety, the right camera settings for certain conditions, composition basics, the efficient workflow and photography techniques. And, of course, seascape photography specifics. Furthermore, you’ll learn about long exposures, flowing water, rock waterfalls, beach photography, wave photography, sunrise and sunset timeline and many other photography techniques. As a result, you’ll get new ideas and skills to use.

Tariffs include:


12 finnin court, Maudsland
QLD, 4210