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S-Lab - Build Your Surfboard Experiences - Attraction

A Fish, A Long Board, a Performance shortboard or a Hot Twin. Whatever you can imagine, S-Lab will help you create that Dream Board. Their S-Lab dream is to empower and support you to make that dream a reality. This creative and unique experience has been developed as a hands-on full-on experience where you can shape and build your own board under the tutelage of an experienced shaper.

You will design your shape, utilising their 3D Software, add your design ideas, colour, fins and have your hands held to create your dream board what an experience Then get out there and use it, or take it and hang it on the wall as your own art S-Lab is offering this unique shaper experience tour to design and make your dream custom board.

World Surfing legends Rabbit Bartholomew, Beau Young, Rachel Tilley, and Andrew McKinnon have lent their professional support to be involved in this new and exciting technical tour. This brand-new initiative creates a homemade based locally produced surfboard. Anyone with a vision and a dream can now participate and experience the art of constructing their very own first made custom surfboard.

  • Enquiry Desk
  • Family Friendly
  • Interactive Centre
  • Non Smoking


36 Lemana Lane, Miami
QLD, 4220