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Australian Outback Opals - Attraction

Australian Outback Opals cut opal on the premises at Tamborine Mountain. The staff are welcoming and friendly and always happy to share their knowledge. Their selection of opals and opal jewellery is impressive, from small value items right up to the more expensive ones.

There is something for everyone who enjoys opals. They offer the most extensive diverse range of colour, pattern, variety and finest gem quality opals at True Market Value. Their selection of exquisite opal ranges from specimens to the investment gem opal that any discerning opal collector would wish to own.

Their stock includes all types of Australian Opal: the elusive Black and Crystal Opal from Lightning Ridge; White and Crystal Opal from South Australia; the unique free form Boulder Opal from Queensland.

They now offer a new range of Australian Sapphire Jewellery, from the traditional deep royal blues to the fancy stone colours such as pinks, greens and orange.

Opal Colour is a matter of personal choice with red being the rarest and most valuable, followed by gold, purple, green and blue.

Opal is believed to bring Love, Luck and Happiness!

Next door to The Forest Cafe, Lemon Lovers Gelato and Tall Trees Motel.

  • Cafe
  • Family Friendly
  • Food and Refreshments
  • Shop / Gift Shop


1-5 Eagle Heights Road
Shop 1, Tamborine Mountain
QLD, 4272