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Cooee Tours Heritage Wine Tour - Tour

Heritage Winery Tour to 3 Wineries & Places of Distinctions - Brisbane Pickup

First, one was home to three former Queensland Premiers.

Expect history, elegance, and a relaxing wine tasting. With glorious setting, sweeping drive, the colonnaded veranda and undulating hills covered with vines will provide an immaculate setting for what is sure to be an amazing experience.

Second, the Historic homestead ‘Killowen’ is Canungra Valley Vineyards with extensive grounds that stretch along the banks of the Canungra Creek and the Alpaca Farm located on the property, so you can feed and walk an Alpaca through lush Vineyard grounds.

Third, George Gibson founded the Central Coast Winery Pty Ltd in the 1970s with assistance from his son Peter. Together they experimented with varieties of winemaking from using traditional grapes to assorted fruits and vegetables and honey.​