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Freak Virtual Reality Gold Coast - Attraction

For the brave, adventurous or outright crazy! Up to four players walk around an open arena with absolute freedom of movement while exploring a parallel universe, solving challenges or fighting for survival.

Designed by former elite special forces soldiers, you will put on world class tactical equipment and leading VR technology, then get ready to be transported. The Freak Arena is one of the most immersive experiences imaginable and will leave you wondering 'what is real?'

No prior gaming experience is necessary.

4 Players Maximum - Game time of a single experience: 30 minutes approximately.

1 - Arizona Sunshine (4 missions available!)
You and up to 3 of your allies will have to fight for your own survival and the survival of the entire planet as you work towards the ultimate goal of defeating this zombie virus for good!

Four separate missions are available and are selected by the customer on site.

Arizona Sunshine is rated MA15+, minors over the age of 12 are able to participate with Adult Supervision.

2 - Ghost Patrol
Ghosts have invaded a creepy manor where hallways move and furniture comes to life. Armed with your Hue Blasters, work with your team to zap the colourful visitors away!

The minimum age for this experience is 10 due to the weight of the equipment.

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