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KooKoo Teppanyaki and Lounge Bar - Restaurant

Located in the heart of Surfers Paradise, come and experience the dazzling and entertaining dining experience that is teppanyaki at KooKoo Teppanyaki and Lounge Bar!

“Teppanyaki” is a Japanese style of cooking in which the chef prepares prime cuts of beef, chicken and seafood together with fresh seasonal vegetables in front of the customer and cooks by grilling on a large steel hotplate called a “Teppan”. In Japan “yaki” refers to ingredients that have been grilled, hence “Teppanyaki”

At KooKoo, watch as their talented chef's slice, dice, juggle and enthral you as they prepare your delicious meal right before your eyes. KooKoo pride itself on using only the freshest ingredients and produce sourced locally and daily, and offer a relaxing, family-friendly venue perfect for everyone to enjoy.

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