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Smooth Hoperator Brewery and Distillery Tours - Tour

Smooth Hoperator is the number one choice for a fun, informative and relaxing brewery and distillery tour on the Gold Coast, Northern NSW and Byron Bay region. Their handcrafted experiences connect locals and visitors with the community and neighbourhood breweries and distilleries to drink, taste and sip on their craft beers' creations and bespoke craft spirits.

Head behind the scenes at unique locations to see where the magic happens and most importantly, experience the explosions of flavours that our collaborators have passionately created. Their fun and friendly ‘beer pilots’ pickup from locations across the Gold Coast, Brisbane, and down into Northern NSW including Byron Bay.

When you join Smooth Hoperator, you are not just joining an experience, you’re are getting a refreshing guarantee of an authentic local inside knowledge and experience. This is their passion, beer is their flavour and fun is their game, you mix this together, and you’ve got one Smooth Hoperator.

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Gold Coast Brewery Tour will bring everyone together for a fun thirsty day of sipping, tasting, and visiting award-winning breweries on the Gold Coast and Northern NSW region. Join the only brewery tour on the Gold Coast that takes you to 4 unique breweries in a day where you can sip on locally made craft beer while sitting back and relaxing in a beautiful environment. Taste the explosion of flavours from each crafted beer while you learn insightful info from your passionate beer guides (beer pilots). Expand your taste buds by sampling seasonal flavours with local ingredients that make incredible IPA’s, Red Ales, Lagers, Pale Ales, NEIPA’s, Porters, and taproom only releases. Grab a roadie from the breweries if you like for the ride, enjoy a good yarn and chat with your fun and friendly beer pilots as they safely move you around venue to venue. Don’t miss this epic experience as there is never a dull moment when your out with the Smooth Hoperator!

Tariffs include:

Hop, Skip and Jump 1/2 Day Distillery and Brewery Tour


Smooth Hoperator's half-day brewery and distillery tour on the Gold Coast gets you ready for the weekend bringing everyone together for a fun and flavourful experience. Enjoy the explosion of flavours that our collaborators have created, which include craft beer and craft spirits. You will visit three venues including two craft beer breweries and one distillery on the Gold Coast and/or Tweed Valley. Your drink pilots will provide a fun day with insightful info on the breweries, beers and spirits. Let them bring your senses alive as you taste your way through a paddle of craft beer while sitting back and relaxing for an afternoon!

Tariffs include:

Hipster Sipster Northern NSW Brewery & Distillery Experience


Fancy a gin, rum, or craft beer overlooking the Tweed Valley and Byron hinterland? Book our distillery and brewery tour and enjoy the incredible bespoke spirits and craft beers with a view.

Tariffs include:


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