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Theme park eats you won't want to share

July 2021

If the last time you went to a theme park was in your primary school years, you’d be forgiven for thinking that dagwood dogs are going to be lathering grease over your white knuckles post thrill ride. Fortunately with time comes culinary wisdom and theme parks these days are adorned with gourmet, gluten free, and all things guac and goji. I kid you not kids. Geared-up food trucks and green smoothies are all within reach of the classic carbs for those of you that still need the indulgent sugary hit of nostalgia.

Did someone say coffee?

With Byron Bay Coffee brewed into a crema-y cloud of caffeine, your first stop has to be at Green Bean Coffee Co at Dreamworld. Open at 10am, it’s perfect for a mid-morning fuel up of a hot beverage accompanied by morning tea treats. They have some tasty lunch options too. Grab a table outside in the sunshine and indulge in some people-watching while you sip your brew and prepare for your next adventure inside the park.  Where to find it: Green Coffe Co, Dreamworld.

Coffee at Dreamworld

I Have Died and Gone to Deli Heaven

Fresh crusty artisan bread delivered by a local baker is filled with in-house smoked pastrami and your choice of trimmings to create sandwich heaven at Main Street Deli at Movie World. Try The Rachel for a fresh yet filling lunch or the Cuban Reuben for cheesy, spicy goodness (if not to be able to say those rhyming words aloud). Where to find it: Main Street Deli, Movie World


Three Words - Cotton. Candy. Frappe

Top up your sugar levels for a happy drive home from Sea World with a colourful flurry of dairy and happiness. It’s your childhood fairy floss minus the mess. Where to find it: Village Bean

Cotton Candy Frappe!!! Photo credit: Sea World – Gold Coast

Trendy Asian Dishes

Tucked away in a bamboo bungalow, the Island Noodle Hut at combines fresh ingredients and authentic spices with a view of tigers casually strolling along the newly redeveloped Tiger Island. It’s like a holiday within your holiday. Where to find it: Island Noodle Hut

Asian Dishes in Gold Coast, Australia

Delish and Guilt-Free

Stay light on your feet and refuel the kids with a guilt free lunch as you tuck into freshly made sushi, salads and build-your-own sandwiches. Madagascar characters cheekily spray water at unsuspecting passers-by that will keep the kids entertained for a healthy lunch without the tantrums. Parent of the year. Where to find it: The Sandwich Shop, Dreamworld

Asian Dishes in Gold Coast, Australia

We all scream for ice cream

When life throws you tough decisions like which dessert to choose, Doughnut Fries lets you have your cake and ice cream too. Crispy churro sticks accompany your favourite cold dairy deliciousness at The Ice Cream Parlour for a between meal snack. Where to find it: Ice Cream Parlour, Dreamworld

Icecream delight in Gold Coast, Australia

Hello Loaded Fries!

The Dirty Harry’s loaded fries look more like an epic bowl of nachos that you made yourself to soothe your broken heart while delaying the inevitable task of cleaning your microwave. Choose from chicken or beef and load up on the guacamole ‘cause you know you’ll never smash your own avo at home. Where to find it: Dirty Harry Bar, Movie World

Loaded fries!