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Top Toddler Experiences

August 2017

Car Karaoke

You may not be riding with Coldplay’s Chris Martin but James Corden ain’t got nothing’ on The Wiggles Big Red Car ride at Dreamworld. Songs from the famous singing skivvies ring out as you cruise around with the top down through character themed worlds of Henry the Octopus and Wags the Dog. Hot tip: Watch out for special shows in ABC KIDS World from Jimmy Giggle (IRL ladies!) and The Wiggles throughout the year.

Car Karaoke

Culture Kids

We're talking about the awesome Dreamworld Corroboree staff who are tasked with capturing even the busiest child’s imagination through traditional storytelling and face painting.

Kulcha kids

Parent Swap

If it turns out your kids are all talk when it actually comes to boarding that rollercoaster (that they totally weren’t scared of), you can now team up with other thrill seeking parents to take turns waiting with said scaredy cat. Ask about Parent Swap at guest services to skip the queue, ensure your munchkins are cared for and ride easy, easy rider.

Yo Mama

Bow Down

Everyone thinks their mini me is royalty but now your little nobles can actually be the Prince or Princess of the parade in Movie World’s daily Star Parade. A $30 donation to the Gold Coast Community Fund will score your kid a throne with zero feeling of nepotism ‘cause you only really did it to donate to charity. My dream of becoming pageant queen may be dead I’ll be damned it I let that happen to you little Timmy.

Move Over Rover

Maybe it’s the way your panting pooch looks at you as you groan and pull out your doggy doo doo bag during walkies -I swear that was a smirk- but there’s something about patting animals who haven’t ruined your couch that makes you feel like a kid again. Paradise Country feels like bouncing on a Care Bear cloud for both you and the kids. Check out the animal nursery, Aussie wildlife and other farmyard friends who bring feelings of nostalgia, not nausea.

Move Over Rover