Australians speak English - with a twist.

Here’s your guide to some common words of slang … av-a-go-yer-mug (we are encouraging you to have a go).

Arvo - afternoon

Aussie - an Australian

Bangers - sausages

Bloke - a man

Champers - champagne

Chook - a chicken

Full of it - a person who is ‘full of it’ is a liar

Grog or booze - alcohol

Mate - while usually a friend, anyone can be a ‘mate’

Open slather - anything goes

Prawn - shrimp

Roo - short for kangaroo

Servo - petrol or gas station

Shout - buy or pay for a round of drinks in a ‘pub’ or hotel

Spit the dummy - get upset about something

Ta - thanks

True blue - genuine

Ute - small truck, short for utility truck

Wally - someone who makes mistakes

Yarn - a story

Yobbo - a lout, a surly youth