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An A-Z of information to assist your planning

Alcohol: Legal drinking age is 18 years and older. Bring ID to prove your age. Alcohol can only be purchased in liquor outlets and hotels (not in supermarkets).

Electricity: 240/250 volts AC 50Hz Universal outlets for 110 volts (shavers only) standard in hotels, apartments, motels.

Emergency: Dial 000 from a fixed line or 112 from a mobile phone. Police, ambulance, fire.

Language: English. Translation and multi-lingual tours available. Telstra’s Foreign Language Service offers telephone assistance in nine languages.

Measures: Metric system.

Post Offices: Australia Post offices are generally open 9am to 5pm weekdays, 9am to 12pm Saturdays.

Religion: Australia is multi-cultural. Discrimination is an offence. Mosques, temples, Christian churches and prayer rooms are located on the Gold Coast. Specific dietary requirements are available (halal, kosher).

Road Rules: Left hand side driving. A 50kmh speed limit applies in most residential areas. Open highways 100-110kmh. View speed limit signs. Seat belts mandatory. Strict drink driving laws apply. Bring your current driver’s licence if you want to hire a vehicle.

Safety: Common sense approach to personal safety encouraged.

Smoking: Queensland has strict tobacco laws with new legislation being phased in. There is no smoking in indoor public places and no sales to children under 18 years.

Sun/Surf Safety: Australian beaches are beautiful. Never underestimate the power of the Pacific Ocean. Always swim between the red and yellow flags in a patrolled beach and heed life guards’ advice. Gold Coast beaches are patrolled by professional life guards and volunteers (weekends).

Swimmers must accept responsibility for their own safety. Sun protection is vital – always wear a hat, collared shirt with sleeves, maximum sunblock and avoid the heat of the day 10am – 2pm.

Swimming: There is no nude bathing permitted in Queensland.

Telephones: Australian international code 61. Public telephones, international dial cards available.

Time zone: Eastern Standard Time (EST): GMT + 10 hours. There is no daylight saving in Queensland.