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Global Engineering Hub

Engineering is part of so many flourishing enterprises and research initiatives on the Gold Coast.

Much of this is occurring within the Gold Coast Health and Knowledge Precinct set up by the City of Gold Coast on a 200-hectare site, just 7 minutes from the central business district.

The glorious beaches and hinterland, the forests and vibrant urban coastal precincts are the playground of some of the most talented people in the country.

Brilliant humans – who dare to dream of what’s possible.

Brilliant people who are leading global innovation in many industries from space, medical science, elite sport, education systems and nano technology.

Their imagination is fuelling inventions beyond our wildest dreams.

Adam Gilmour of Gilmour Space, located on the Gold Coast, says Australia is the world-leader in new rocket hybrid technology. This technology will make it more affordable to launch rockets into space – and with that new opportunities are created for the way we use space to improve life on earth.

“When engineers come to our company, and Australia, they realise we are at the cutting edge of technology. We are emerging very soon as a very large player in the space industry,” he said.

Within the Gold Coast Health and Knowledge Precincts many other engineering-based collaborations are also achieving exciting results.

Not surprisingly, many are in health, medical and sports science. 

BiVACOR, the US company behind the world’s first rotary artificial heart has located its international office here. This invention will transform cardiology.

Precise Light Surgical, has set up its Asia-Pacific headquarters here too. It specialises in laser technology that will be a “game-changer” for surgical resection or tissue removal. A world-first has also been developed with the Digital Athlete. Biomedical engineers at Griffith Centre for Biomedical and Rehabilitation Engineering are using 3D animation, normally associated with the film industry, to both replicate and predict stress and strain in tissues inside the body.


Also based in the Health and Knowledge Precinct is Griffith University’s Advanced Design and Prototyping work known as ADaPT. This initiative is pushing the boundaries in advanced custom design, rapid prototyping, and new materials, in what is called the ‘next industrial revolution’ or Industry 4.0.

Scratch the surface, and you will find hundreds of extraordinary developments enabled by engineering and technology collaborations across many disciplines.

It’s inspirational.

The Gold Coast is a place where ideas are given the chance to fly. Where teams can work together – each contributing their expertise. The results are otherworldly.

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