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Just as we ask visitors to “come and play”, similarly, we ask new employees to “come work and play”. Being the destination marketing organisation for the Gold Coast, we offer a range of exciting roles across: marketing, PR, digital, sales, account management and administration. Like the city we represent, we’re a dynamic team and always on the lookout for fresh talent to add their unique flare to the strategies we roll-out with our partners.

Open roles with DGC are typically announced publicly online at www.seek.com.au and on our official website. From time to time, DGC may engage the use of recruitment agencies, who may advertise via other platforms.  Agency recruited roles will still be listed on our official website, directing candidates to the relevant external recruiter.

DGC also notifies individuals who have expressed interest in a career at Destination Gold Coast via email. If you'd like to be added to the DGC Employment Database, send your request to recruitment@destinationgoldcoast.com. Please include your full name and the email address at which you'd prefer to receive these notifications.

For confidential inquiries or to obtain a copy of the full position description for a vacancy, please contact recruitment@destinationgoldcoast.com. Please include the reference number in the subject line of your email.

All applications should include your most recent resume and must be accompanied by a cover letter by the closing date.  Applications that don't include a cover letter will not be taken into consideration.

To be a potential candidate for any role at Destination Gold Coast (DGC), applicants must possess the legal right to work in Australia. Unfortunately, DGC does not provide visa sponsorship for its workforce.

Please note, DGC does not retain applications for future roles; applications are only accepted for current job vacancies.

Helpful Tips to Ensure a Strong Application:

Your most Recent CV should include:


  • Your employment history, including your position title, company name, and dates of employment,
  • Key achievements and the impact it had on the organisation,
  • Summary of your skills that most relate to the position you are applying for,
  • Any relevant training, education, or courses, and
  • Your current contact details (email address and phone number).


Your Cover Letter should:


  • Be tailored specifically for the job you are applying for,
  • Be succinct,
  • Expand more about the specific skills and experience that will benefit DGC,
  • Provide any additional and relevant information about why you are the right candidate for the role that wasn’t already included in your CV, and
  • Show us your personality.


Important points:


  • Applications lacking a cover letter won't be considered,
  • We can only accept documents in PDF or Word format,
  • Applications must be submitted by the deadline
  • Apply directly via job advertisement (Seek website).Please do not email job applications.

What happens after you apply:

DGC does not confirm receipt of applications, however, Seek sends candidates updates, including when your application has been viewed.

The recruitment process typically takes 6-8 weeks.  If shortlisted, you'll be contacted for an interview.  You may be requested to take part in assessments, prior to or after your interview.

If you participate in an interview, you will be updated via phone if you were successful in progressing to the next round or if you have been unsuccessful.  The next round may include assessments, a second interview, or reference checks.

If you aren't successful in securing an interview, you will be notified via email through the Seek platform as such.  DGC does not provide specific feedback on unsuccessful applications.

If you have not received any update on your application after 8 weeks, you can email recruitment@destinationgoldcoast.com for an update on the status of the recruitment process.