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BE 2022 Brand Launch HOTA-14.jpg

GOLD COAST’S Industries

  • Amazing things are coming to life in our city. It’s enabled by multi-disciplinary collaboration in which the engineering sector plays a key part. Scratch the surface and you’ll find hundreds of extraordinary developments happening here made possible by a can-do culture combined with an environment that encourages collaboration.

    The beautiful beaches and hinterland, the rainforests and vibrant urban coastal precincts are the playground of some of the most talented people in the country. Brilliant humans who are leading global innovation in many industries from space and medical science to elite sport, education systems and technology. Their imaginations are fuelling inventions beyond our wildest dreams. Our team can help connect you with major players in the industry to elevate your event.

  • Great minds converge on the Gold Coast to explore, innovate and drive change to make the world a better place. They can be found in the city’s universities, its teaching hospital, its start-ups and established industries. Valued at over $3.5 billion, the Gold Coast’s thriving education economy is centred around three world-class universities, more than 200 education and training providers and the Gold Coast Health & Knowledge Precinct.

    This unique global business location for high-tech industry development, research collaboration and jobs of the future is a vibrant mixed-use community where students and experts from all over the globe come to live, work, study and play. It’s a heartland for learning and education. 

    By holding your business event in our city, you have a unique opportunity to meet the people and visit the educational institutions involved in some of the world’s most exciting developments. We connect business events delegates to key players in the education sector and source inspiring speakers and experiences to elevate your event.

  • As Australia’s most biodiverse city, we have a responsibility to work towards innovative solutions for environmental sustainability. One of the Gold Coast’s fastest growing industry sectors, more than 400 companies operate within the city’s environmental industry, focusing on various disciplines including construction, coastal and marine consulting, urban planning and design, water treatment technology, professional services in the carbon market and emissions trading.
  • The film industry is big business on the Gold Coast. It’s where world-leading Australian and international producers and directors come to realise their creative dreams. With a variety of photographic locations, extraordinary studio facilities, exceptional behind-the-scenes technical talent and the largest studio lot in the southern hemisphere, the stage is set for major innovation in film and television. The catalyst for the screen sector’s development on the Gold Coast has been the massive investment by Village Roadshow Studios in the state-of-the-art studio lot, which is estimated to have brought $3.8 billion of film business to this city.

    It's why Baz Luhrmann chose the Gold Coast as the location to film Elvis and has relocated his own production company from New York to be based here. But Australia’s most celebrated director isn’t alone – many movies, television series and commercials have been created here including Thor: Ragnarok, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, San Andreas and The Railway Man. It’s no wonder the Gold Coast takes the trophy for best performance in screen industry conferences.

  • On the Gold Coast the brilliant imagination of people working in health and medical science is flourishing.This city is a major centre of excellence in Australia and globally for health and medical science. Researchers, clinicians and companies are collaborating at the cutting-edge of innovation, positioning the Gold Coast Health and Knowledge Precinct to be at the forefront of preventative health care.
    The Health and Knowledge Precinct includes Griffith University, ranked in the top two percent of universities worldwide, the Gold Coast University Hospital, a major Australian teaching hospital, and the Gold Coast Private Hospital. 

    Imagine bringing your medical congresses, corporate events and incentives to this inspiring environment. We connect business events delegates to key players from the Gold Coast health sector, especially where innovation is flourishing.

  • The Gold Coast's dedication to fostering innovation and entrepreneurship has seen the city's tech sector flourish. The Gold Coast’s expanding digital infrastructure, progressive culture and networks helps create digital-ready businesses and excellent opportunities in domestic and international markets. Our city encourages an environment where entrepreneurs, co-working spaces, tech start-ups, incubators and emerging investors can establish innovation and grow a successful start-up community.
  • Australia’s premier marine boating capital, the Gold Coast is home to the nation’s largest recreational boat builders and refitters, and first-class stopover facilities for visiting super yachts and worldcruising vessels. With numerous and diverse marine businesses, many operating in the fields of manufacturing, maintenance, sales and berthing. These businesses are united by their focus on developing innovative ‘industry-first’ solutions and products that are now exported around the world.
  • Australia is known the world over as a proud sporting nation and the Gold Coast is a major contributor to that identity. We’re a city recognised for sport science and innovation; from cutting-edge research and specialist skills in sports medicine to leading coaching techniques, innovative product development and manufacturing.

    In 2019, in a first for the Australia and Asia-Pacific region the Gold Coast was chosen as the location for Sports Accord, the biggest business event for the global sports industry. We’re home base for a number of peak sporting bodies including Surfing Australia, Triathlon Australia, V8 Supercars Australia and the Australian Institute of Sport.

    We were proud hosts of the 2018 Commonwealth Games, leaving a legacy of world-class infrastructure that has taken our reputation as an active city to a whole new level. Since then, the city has grown into a hub of sporting excellence across high-performance training, international sport events, education, sport science, specialised clinicians, coaching staff, sport management and product manufacturing. And being co-partners for the 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games will create a mighty impact for the Gold Coast, before, during and after the sporting world’s greatest event.