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Dr Hal Rice and Dr Laetitia de Villiers, two illustrious leaders in neuroradiology have brought global best-practice to the Gold Coast. 


Dr Rice could have worked anywhere in the world but chose the Gold Coast for his extraordinary work saving lives and investing in establishing the Gold Coast as a world leader in health and medical science.

Hal Rice in dark blue scribs pointing to 3D model to a colleague

He chose the Gold Coast as the base for his pioneering medical science which has transformed the way people with strokes, aneurisms and vascular disease are treated.


For the past 20 years, Dr Rice has been working on collaborations that have established the Gold Coast as leading centre for health and medical science.


Dr Hal Rice and his team are also working on creating a major teaching facility for doctors from around the world – a facility that will take his field of medicine into the new area of robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) for vascular surgery.


Within the Gold Coast Health and Knowledge Precinct great innovations are occurring and it is here, with peers and colleagues, that Dr Hal Rice is working on the next generation of breakthroughs. 


"There’s an appetite for innovation and entrepreneurship, not just in medicine, but in business and entertainment, and a range of other industries."


Dr Rice is a huge supporter of the City of Gold Coast's mission to broaden the image and reputation beyond being a great place to have fun and holiday.


Dr Rice has many achievements, and he is driven to achieve more. 


It’s his DNA – nothing about him is complacent. He’s ambitious for what technology will enable in medical science – ambitious for the next breakthroughs which will happen within the Gold Coast Health and Knowledge Precinct. 


"One thing is having the hospital which is clinically excellent with amazing equipment and an amazing team - that's the engine room for making patients better. But the thing that really inspires me is going to the next step." 


Dr Rice is now a Council Board Member of Griffith University Council as well as the Director of Interventional Radiology at Gold Coast Teaching Hospital. He also has a major interest in the Gold Coast Health and Knowledge Precinct. He is a Director of QScan which operates a network of radiology clinics around Australia.