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Imagine being surrounded by brilliant people doing brilliant things that are making the world a better place. 

Imagine being able to shine the light on major innovations occurring in medical science and working with the pioneers of change - those whose work will touch people’s lives and make them better.

That’s the role of Kathy Kruger.

She is the Manager Strategic Projects and Engagement at the Gold Coast Health & Knowledge Precinct – a 200-hectare area that combines Griffith University, Gold Coast University Hospital, Gold Coast Private Hospital and Lumina, a 9-hectare hub dedicated to tech companies and start-ups.

Kruger’s job is to connect what’s going on inside the precinct with the outside world – including partners who can bring more investment firepower to the initiatives.

It’s a critical job because without these connections some of these ventures and discoveries may never get the partnership backing they deserve.

And to do her work, she has to be a great storyteller – able to capture the imagination, the heart and often the purse strings of her audience.

Kruger has storytelling and communication in her DNA – that’s what she was trained to do. As a former Queensland journalist, she read the news each day on the Gold Coast – connecting with audiences in their living rooms, in her home-state of Queensland. She says her 10-year journalistic career gave her the skills to connect with all kinds of people. To tell their stories in a way that people could understand.

In her role at the Health & Knowledge Precinct she excels at this very same thing.

She’s been able to shed light on the amazing innovation and discoveries because of her capacity to work closely with the scientists, researchers, doctors, engineers and academics who are behind mind-blowing breakthroughs.

Humanity needs hope about the future. It needs jobs of the future – Kruger’s work helps enable both.

Among the breakthroughs – a world-first rotary artificial heart and ground-breaking therapies for spinal cord injury. It’s also where global healthcare giant Philips is partnering in an Asia-Pacific training centre for image-guided therapies in which 3D printed blood vessel models are used to train specialist doctors to repair brain aneurysms and strokes.

These developments are happening on the Gold Coast. The lesser-known Gold Coast.

We are thrilled to have Kathy Kruger as a BE Connected ambassador and showcasing her work and the extraordinary people at the Gold Coast Health & Knowledge Precinct.