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Recovery Strategy

     Recovery Strategy


As the titan of Queensland’s tourism industry, the Gold Coast has experienced significant disruption as a result of the outbreak of COVID-19. Although Gold Coast’s economy will take many years to recover, we know that tourism will be a key contributor in leading the city’s recovery.

Destination Gold Coast’s post-COVID-19 marketing plan for 2020-21 aims to entice visitors to come back and play to ensure the Gold Coast’s $6 billion tourism sector can get back on its feet as quickly as possible.

 A four-phased approach is our blueprint to firstly claw back the losses as a result of COVID-19, and eventually, to return to the record-breaking heights of 2019. Emerging into a new world of travel, Destination Gold Coast is firmly engaged in the reanimation of the sector as outlined below through a suite of strategic and tactical initiatives.





Four-Phased Approach

Destination Gold Coast’s marketing recovery plan outlines key phases to kick-start the return of holidaymakers to Australia’s favourite playground. Continued brand awareness and messaging inviting Aussies and Kiwis to come back and play ensures the Gold Coast not only remains top-of-mind, but also increases the likelihood of a successful bounce-back.

Destination Gold Coast is currently operating in the ‘Restart’ phase for Queensland (since mid-June 2020) and South Australia (since August 2020) with a series of #comebackandplay campaign activity marketed via outdoor, free-to-air, cinema and digital placements. DGC continues to reassess all domestic markets to make critical decisions on whether to dial-up or down our marketing in line with market forces.

A suite of videos to uplift and spark interest in the destination have been produced to reflect the challenges associated with various stages of COVID related restrictions and the experiences of parents, Gold Coast tourism operators and why we think Aussie families deserve a holiday. The first two videos generated more than eight million views on social channels and the third will continue to be rolled out as travel restrictions around the country are further eased. You can view 'Thanks to You, Parents' , 'Preparing for Your Return'  and 'You Deserve a Holiday'  below.

Re-Entry Family Campaign

From mid-June, Destination Gold Coast launched a multifaceted campaign to remind Queenslanders that there's no better place to holiday than in Australia's favourite playground. In August, this catchment expanded with marketing activity launched in the western seaboard to target South Australians. By design, the #comebackandplay campaign ensures marketing campaigns will progressively target interstate markets and New Zealand. View the campaign landing page  here.

The Come Back and Play Queensland and South Australia campaign is brought to life through a suite of new family-friendly creative assets and represents Destination Gold Coast’s first foray into reigniting domestic visitation. Designed to appeal to families and to an over-50s audience, imagery incorporates a breadth of diverse products and experiences from across the region. The campaign plays to strengthening ties and creating lifelong memories through unforgettable family holidays by depicting multi-generational getaways and couple retreats.

See the campaign in action