Gold Coast Tourism is a public company funded largely by the tourism-related businesses of the Gold Coast (via a tourism levy collected by the City of Gold Coast) and the Queensland Government (represented by Tourism and Events Queensland).

Gold Coast Tourism Corporation (GCT) is committed to observing best practice corporate governance. By acting transparently, professionally and ethically, GCT ensures the effective investment of its funds for the greatest benefit to the Gold Coast, levy payers, and GCT members, while maintaining the sustainability of GCT for the benefit of the Gold Coast in future years. Responsible corporate governance is evident in GCT’s operations at many levels, some examples include:

  • Regular self-assessment by the board to improve performance
  • Regular reviews of GCT’s risk register
  • Regular reviews of GCT’s insurances, as assisted by a respected insurance agency
  • Documentation and discussion of any possible conflicts of interest
  • Maintaining a gift register for any gifts received by staff
  • Selection criteria for prospective Board members to maximise and balance skill sets
  • An annual independent financial audit by a respected audit firm
  • Regular board workshops to enhance the Board’s performance