Whether it’s an exhilarating swim at one of many surf beaches, an energising hike through the hinterland, overhauling the mind and body at a day spa or getting up close to the largest living mammals on earth along the Humpback Highway, the best way to uncover the Gold Coast is to experience the destination first-hand.

Each year, Gold Coast Tourism hosts traditional and online media from Australia and around the world to inspire engaging and exciting coverage on the Gold Coast.

Famils vary in nature and can be designed to highlight accommodation, tours, a key product or a special interest experience (i.e. food and wine, adventure etc). Gold Coast Tourism will also coordinate famils to support current or upcoming campaign activity.

Who can apply?

Gold Coast Tourism proactively pursues relevant media in priority markets to become involved in the Media Hosting Program. However, if you’re a journalist or blogger then you’re also welcome to submit an expression of interest to participate in the Media Hosting Program. To apply, simply fill in the Media Famil Request Form then forward to

Acceptance to Media Hosting Program is subject to the discretion of Gold Coast Tourism. Expressions of interest will be assessed against a range of criteria, including alignment with target markets and circulation.

How can Gold Coast Tourism members get involved in the Media Hosting Program?

Each year Gold Coast Tourism hosts hundreds of media and trade contacts whose personal experience goes on to positively influence millions of their audience or clients.

The Media Hosting Program is possible thanks to members who provide free or discounted services/products for media visits. For these operators, hosting journalists, film crews and travel professionals provides a cost-effective marketing tool, creating exposure and advocacy for their product within a highly competitive environment.

The Media Famil Factsheet for Operators provides useful advice to assist operators to leverage media hosting opportunities and secure maximum positive coverage for their product.

Gold Coast Tourism is constantly seeking new quality products and experiences to include in its Media Hosting Program. If you’re interested in becoming involved in the Media Hosting Program, please liaise with Membership Services or email

Involvement in media famils is subject to the discretion of Gold Coast Tourism and requirements of the media participants. As with any unpaid public relations activity, Gold Coast Tourism cannot guarantee operators that their product/service will receive media coverage as a result from the media famil.