As the leading tourism organisation on the Gold Coast, Destination Gold Coast is dedicated to boosting the number of visitors and overall expenditure, proudly promoting the Gold Coast as Australia's Favorite Playground. The core of these efforts is the launch of our marketing campaigns. Each campaign is carefully crafted to showcase the wide range of experiences awaiting visitors in the Gold Coast, while inviting people from key domestic and international markets to dive into the endless opportunities for fun and exploration that define this beautiful region.

These campaigns aim to widen the appeal of the Gold Coast as a go-to destination for many types of visits and a diverse group of travellers. By using creative marketing strategies and engaging storytelling, the campaigns capture the lively spirit, beautiful scenery, and exciting atmosphere that set the Gold Coast apart from other places.

The main goal of these marketing activities is to create a strong connection with potential visitors, sparking their curiosity and enticing them to explore the many recreational, cultural, and scenic offerings of the Gold Coast. Through captivating imagery, engaging stories, and spreading the word across various media channels, these campaigns strive to ignite a desire for adventure, inviting travelers to experience the enriching and thrilling experiences unique to the Gold Coast.

Committed to promoting the Gold Coast, Destination Gold Coast continues to roll out innovative campaigns that not only enhance the region's appeal to tourists but also significantly contribute to the local economy. Each campaign is a show of strong determination to highlight the Gold Coast, inviting everyone to enjoy the fun, adventure, and beauty that this amazing part of Australia has to offer. Through these efforts, Destination Gold Coast hopes to share the region’s unique charm and vibrant spirit with the world, welcoming all to partake in the delightful experiences awaiting them in the Gold Coast.


12 Plays of Christmas

In Market: December 2022.

Objective: Encourage the Gold Coast local community to give the gift of tourism and leisure experiences for Christmas.

Media Partners: Gold Coast Bulletin, Sunday Mail, 92.5 Triple M Gold Coast, and 90.9 SeaFM

Description: The campaign showcased 12 Destination Gold Coast members, each providing irresistible deals or gift vouchers for unique Christmas gifts. Over 12 days, members were featured in print, radio, and the Gold Coast Bulletin, sharing their stories and offering prize giveaways on partner radio stations, engaging locals with festive opportunities.

Channels: Paid & Organic social media, digital ads, EDMs, Blogs, Radio, Print