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The Destination Gold Coast Five Year Plan 2017-2021 provides a strategic framework for Destination Gold Coast to increase its contribution to the Gold Coast visitor economy, working towards the industry’s shared vision for the Gold Coast to be recognised locally, nationally and internationally as one of the world’s great tourist and Business Event destinations. To achieve this vision, the Plan provides: 

• A long term framework that takes into account current market factors and emerging trend

• A blueprint of priorities and actions to be included in the delivery of annual plans for Destination Gold Coast

• A clear direction for the City of Gold Coast, and other stakeholders regarding Destination Gold Coast’s priorities

• Recognition of the partnership approach to tourism development for the Gold Coast

• A financial plan to guide resource allocation over the next five years

• A schedule of measurement against which implementation can be made

This Plan aims to promote the potential for the tourism industry, within a framework that acknowledges trends, issues and opportunities. The Destination Gold Coast Five Year Plan 2017-2021 fits within the destination-wide approach to tourism development (as outlined in the Gold Coast Destination Tourism Management Plan 2014-2021) and is focused on driving towards the tourism industry potential of $7 billion in visitor expenditure by 2020.

The Plan aligns Destination Gold Coast’s Business Goals with the vision held by industry, City of Gold Coast, Tourism Events Queensland and Tourism Australia. Eight Priority Action Areas articulated in the framework below have been identified as the key drivers of visitor expenditure growth. Core business activities will also sustain current visitor expenditure levels. Emerging trends and future influences have been considered during the development stage of this Plan and factored into decisions regarding priority actions and resourcing over the Plan’s life.

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