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Familiarisations (famils) vary in nature and can be designed to highlight accommodation, tours, a key product or a special interest experience (i.e. food and wine, adventure etc). Gold Coast Tourism will also coordinate famils to support current or upcoming campaign activity.

Gold Coast Tourism raises consumer awareness and motivation through trade and media familiarisation programs. At times, this is in conjunction with Tourism Australia and the state Tourism body, Tourism & Events Queensland. These tend to be for top-selling agents or reputable bloggers/journalists, on an invite only basis.

Famil Program objectives:
- To generate favourable publicity about the Gold Coast as a tourism destination
- To enhance the product knowledge and motivation of the retail trade in selling Gold Coast tourism product
- To demonstrate to wholesalers and inbound operators that the Gold Coast has a broad range of saleable product; and
- To create positive attitudes in key decision makers or opinion leaders

If you are a travel agent, journalist / blogger / photographer and wish to visit the Gold Coast on a self-hosted media famil and are seeking industry rates for the product you wish to experience, please get in touch with us so we can connect you with the relevant person.

For famil related enquiries, please contact us for more information...
Media and Trade:

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