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With a place as jaw-dropping as the Gold Coast, it’s no wonder that photos and videos are a huge part of showing off what makes our brand truly shine. Our image library is packed with photos, videos, and logos all geared towards spreading the good word about the Gold Coast's vibrant atmosphere and stunning scenery.

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Terms & Conditions
With a destination as spectacular as ours, it’s no surprise that imagery plays an enormous role in brand Gold Coast. Our image library contain images, videos and logos for use of the positive promotion of the Gold Coast. Please read and agree to the terms and conditions for uploads and downloads before you access the library. 
Asset Downloads
Licensed images and video are available for non-commercial use by media, tour operators, travel agents, meeting professionals, and convention promoters. While we are pleased to share these assets with you royalty-free at no cost, we also like to look after the brilliant photographers, videographers, talent and venues behind this content. Your compliance with our policy for photographic image/video use, as outlined below is essential. The photographic images and video in Destination Gold Coast’s Content Hub are used to establish the Gold Coast’s brand image at home and abroad. To protect the integrity of our destination image and ensure we’re putting our best foot forward, Destination Gold Coast reserves the right to reject any request for photographic images and video. 

Loaned images may not be redistributed, loaned, sold or altered. For any photographic images and video used for publication or broadcast, credit must be given to the photographer/videographer (where listed).
It is required when using assets on social media platforms to ensure Destination Gold Coast is tagged on these posts using the tags @DestinationGoldCoast and #PlayGoldCoast
It is requested, but not required, that the Destination Gold Coast website, be listed where appropriate for any other media or website inclusions.

Asset Uploads
By uploading images and video content I am agreeing to the conditions as stated. I hereby consent and grant permission for Gold Coast Tourism Corporation trading as Destination Gold Coast to use the assets provided for public release to support the marketing and communications objectives of Destination Gold Coast.  The material may be published at Destination Gold Coast’s discretion across all marketing and communication mediums, including, but not restricted to; electronic newsletters, editorials, advertorials, social media, advertisements, digital, magazines, reports, displays, posters and brochures shared with media, trade and tourism partners in support of Destination Gold Coast’s destination promotion role.  I acknowledge that Destination Gold Coast retains the right to edit the material for purposes of brevity, artistic presentation, relevance and/or cost.  I acknowledge that Destination Gold Coast is not obliged to publish these images.  It is also understood that I may withdraw this permission from further or future use by submitting a request via email to Destination Gold Coast will act on this request, but are not obliged to withdraw or amend previously published images.  I warrant that I have full power to enter into this release and that the terms of this release do not in any way conflict with any existing commitment on my part.  

I acknowledge that access to the Destination Gold Coast's Content Hub is not guaranteed. The Content may be used only for the purpose described in your application and authorisation notification or as otherwise notified to Destination Gold Coast.  The Content may only be used for the positive promotion of the Gold Coast. Commercial use outside of purpose is only approved in special circumstances.