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DGC @Play Campaign 2.0 Images

Sneeky Mid-Weeky

We’re not just for weekends! Mid-week is a fantastic time to visit the Gold Coast, with unbeatable holiday deals on accommodation, air fares and experiences.

Make the most of mid-week on the Gold Coast

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Who says getaways are only for the weekend? Visit mid-week so you can slow down, savour the experience and explore at your own pace.

The Gold Coast is magic mid-week and from Monday to Thursday you can take advantage of incredible deals on flights, accommodations and experiences. Visit to one of our luxe bathhouses, score the best seat in the house for waterfront dining, enjoy morning beach walks and iconic surf breaks.

If you prefer a more relaxed atmosphere and a slightly slower pace, then make the most of Monday - Thursday. Get to the Gold Coast and experience the perks of a mid-week getaway for yourself.

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