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Q: I have reset my password but I am still having trouble logging in. What is the problem?

If you have accessed the portal previously the issue will most likely be the web browser you are using. The recommended browsers for DGCnet are Chrome or Firefox. Should your company prefer Internet Explorer or Safari, please ensure that you are on the latest updates at all times to allow access.

Additional Steps you can take: Clear cache, cookies, etc. on your internet browser on a consistent basis and if using Internet Explorer, set your computer up to automatically update to the newest version.

If you have never accessed the portal previously it is most likely that you are not setup to access DGCnet yet. Please email or phone (07) 5584 6244 during business hours and we will arrange access for you.


Q: How can I set up access to DGCnet for new contacts when they are added to our account?

Please notify us by clicking the CONTACT US tab when you add a new contact that you wish to have access to the member portal and we will activate their access and send them a link and temporary password to login.

Business Events members…please advise if your new contact requires access to respond to RFPs leads / service requests.