Tallebudgera Creek
Tallebudgera Creek

Membership Terms and Conditions

  1. Gold Coast Tourism Corporation trading as Destination Gold Coast (DGC) membership is valid for twelve months from 1st July 2023 to 30th June 2024. Pro-rata membership fees will be re-adjusted on a quarterly basis for newly joining members or existing members upgrading to additional elective packages during the valid membership term.

  2. To receive continuing membership benefits, membership fees must be paid by the 1st July 2023.

  3. A member shall not be entitled to membership services or benefits if any sum of money due to DGC for membership or any other service remains unpaid for thirty (30) days after a claim for payment has been made in writing addressed to the member.

  4. Membership is not transferable or refundable.

  5. Each trading entity will be required to join DGC as an individual member in their own right. This applies to multiple trading entities owned by a single entity. Subsequent businesses under the same ownership/management are eligible for a 25% discount on base membership and elective packages.

  6. All new member applications are subject to approval by the DGC Board of Directors. DGC reserves the right to decline or withdraw membership. Furthermore DGC retains authority to discontinue membership based on merit.

  7. Members will only receive a basic business listing in the membership directory on www.DestinationGoldcoast.com. ATDW subscribers will receive a listing in their respective tourism category.

  8. DGC accepts members whose head office or majority of staff numbers are situated within a 40km boundary outside the Gold Coast region. Please note that a 50% surcharge is applicable on all fees for businesses that are located (head office or majority of staff numbers) outside the City of Gold Coast geographical boundary. Businesses located beyond a 40km zone of the City of Gold Coast are ineligible for membership. The DGC Board of Directors reserves the right to give special consideration to applications outside this boundary.

  9. Booking links on www.DestinationGoldcoast.com for accommodation and tour sector member products will be linked to the specified booking link under the ATDW listing as default.

  10. DGC reserves the right to make amendments to the membership packages, benefit inclusions and pricing.

  11. All members who are likely to host guests through a DGC familiarisation or event are required to hold the appropriate level of public liability insurance as well as other legally required licensing for their business.

  12. DGC will not endorse member products to other members. Any member is entitled to submit a maximum of four (4) announcement submissions if a Tourism member or two (2) announcements if an Associate member of no more than 100 words each to the weekly DGC Tourism Matters e-newsletter per annum. All stories are subject to DGC approval.

  13. Members must notify DGC in writing of any change of address, email address, contact names, and any other information relevant to their membership. DGC will not be held responsible for lost opportunities due to non-current contact details.

  14. Only the designated ‘Primary Contact’ listed for each organisation/ business will receive postal communications from DGC.

  15. DGC is limited by guarantee. If DGC ceases to operate, the Constitution states each member is required to contribute a maximum of $20 towards meeting any outstanding obligations.

  16. Only members with elective packages Business Events - Gold, Silver, or Bronze may list on www.DestinationGoldCoast.com/business-events

  17. Only current financial DGC members with Business Events elective packages Gold, Silver or Bronze are extended the opportunity to list in the Gold Coast Business Events Guide collateral.

  18. Intention to renew membership for the period during which the cooperative activity is held must be committed in writing by the member at the time of confirmation to participate.

  19. The Visitor Information Centre (VIC) package enables brochure placement at the Surfers Paradise and Gold Coast Airport VICs.

  20. VIC package fees will be calculated on the basis of brochure display availability and size provided in DGC VICs.

  21. VIC Store Managers have discretion as to where within a store brochures are displayed. Members cannot request a specific display position.

  22. It is the responsibility of the member to ensure a sufficient stock of brochures is available at each of the VICs. Delivery should be made directly to each VIC or via a contracted brochure distribution company.

  23. For efficient account servicing, DGC will process member bookings via the automated system of Experience Oz. If however, a member product is not contracted with an automated re-seller system, DGC can by arrangement process bookings via paper voucher.

  24. Members are required to give written notice to the membership department for any changes in preferred booking method. A 10% commission will be deducted for any direct booking via paper voucher and the member business will be invoiced monthly.

  25. VIC Managers have discretion over member product in-store promotions.